Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I wanna learn a new language. I wanna finish my Master’s degree. I wanna collect different breeds of small dogs. I wanna be a published writer. I wanna meet the right one. I wanna be….COMPLETE!!

Hahaha!! That’s the best intro I can give you for giving you my KR Travelogue!! YES!! It’s finally complete!! 30 installments that’s about 6 months in the making!!! 30 INSTALLMENTS, oh my goodness!! Does it feel great???!!! Oh gosh, you just don’t know how psyched I am seeing it printed in paper. Geese, I speak like it’s already published as a book. Ahahaha!!!

But even if it’s not a published one, I still consider it my first book. :) If it’s not obvious (hehe), I worked bloody days and nights for this and I finally understood what it’s like when they say “Is this the feeling of being a tormented artist?” There were times when I’m already about to sleep but as soon as I thought of a catchy introduction or how to go about a post, I can’t help but just get up, grab a pen or open the PC and do the transferring of the idea, whatever means just to take it off my mind. Aaargh!! There were also times when I want to write but had to stop because I feel down and I think that I can’t deliver the proper emotions in the story (specially the Samuel part ^^).
So is that really it?? Do I already have the makings of being an author someday?? Ahahaha!! I kid, I kid. I know I’ve lots of things yet to learn but surely this is just the first step. Ayt?? You know how they also say that first book of the authors are often their autobiography?? Well, I’m not proud of my “not-so-many” booboos here (haha!!) but hey it’s what really happened. =P If I will really turn this book into reality then I have to you know, introduce more characters here, create a short history of the protagonist in the intro, a dish of conflict there but the BESTEST of all, orchestrate a happy ending for KC and Samuel. Ahahaha!!! *dreamy eyes* Wouldn’t it be great?? Ahahaha!!!

For now, here’s the unfinished material. Still with grammar errors I suppose (despite my repeated revisions ;-). Just giving you the chance to catch up on segments you might missed. Haha. See what’s best in here is that, when you started on say 1a (The 4-Hr Ride), there’s already a hyperlink that will lead you to the next part. :D Uhmm, it only took me an hour to do that. Tedious, tedious I know but hey, it’s for the love of the readers. Hahaha!! So without further ado, I give you my KR Travelogue ;-)

1a: That 4-Hour Ride
2a: A Gurly Prologue
2b: Miss Smarty Pants
2c: A Hearty Dinner
3a: Mission Is Possible
3b: The Director’s Cut
3c: Series of Conversations
3d: If You Wanna Be Famous

4a: Samsung
4b: Miss Congeniality

4c: The Korean Toast
4d: It’s All About Samuel

4e: A Night With the Boys
4f: Firsts

5a: Goodbye Gumi-Si
5b: Here We Are, Everland
5c: The Thrilling Rides :P
5d: Hey Jealousy!
5e: Last Encounters
5f: Penniless in the Streets of Seoul
5g: Roller Coaster of Emotions
5h: The Conversationalist, Bow!!
6a: An Early Morning Debate
6b: Change of Plan
6c: A Before Sunrise Moment
6d: Turn-Around

6e: This Kiss, This Kiss
6f: Famous Last Words
6g: B-L-O-O-P-E-R-S!!
6h: Joie de Vivre

I printed the papers and my golly, they almost reached 50 pages I think. Tsk, tsk, abuse of company supplies. Ahahaha!! I wonder how thick would my book be should I ever produce one - coz this is like a 6-day coverage only. ^^ I’m planning to submit the papers to uhmm, some of my respected friends with such such prolific talent in writing way way way better than me. (*cough cough Sam/Lisa/Xiela**). Hahaha!! Wait for the copies on your desks. Ahahaha!!

So I guess this is already my cue to thank some persons. This shall go to my Acknowledgement section. Ahahaha, the cheek of me even mentioning Acknowledgement. Haha!! But really thanks to my constant readers in Multiply (Tyts, Sam, Pam, Lester, chibodygal^^, losttreasures, Raf, Klein and if there are some that I forgot to mention). Well, it’s not really constant like they’ve read all segments but mostly I think whenever they would catch it ^^. Blogspot would have to be everyone since unlike Multiply I can't keep track of who's who but special thanks to Will and Kevin for the comments, hehe. Thanks a bunch also to my hardcopy reader since she's so lazy to read in her PC – my friend Angela. Haha!! I'm also grateful for reading this book "The Other Side of the Story" by Marian Keyes since this material gave me an idea on the process of publishing books. It's such a shame that I got it 50 off the mark on a bookstore sale when it is such a wonderful read. ^^ Of course, some lines inspired also by authors Kinsella/Dam/Peterson and Weisberger. ^^

Just for laugh trips, try clicking on 1a and bookmark it for future hilarity. Haha!! :D And as usual, comments will be much appreciated. XoXo


Nivek said...

Now I've got to comment. It seemed like you spent an eternity in Korea but it was only 6 days? I can't imagine what you'd write for a two week vacation in Europe or the US -- 100 pages maybe?

Anonymous said...

I'm still waiting for her to blog about her 3 day trip to Malaysia/Singapore.. that was like 4 months ago..

Hurry up Dang..


Anonymous said...

hi Kevin!! well, why not?? haha..but first of all i have to really wish hard to reach US or Europe..haha!!

Wil, You're so excited about SG and MY huh?? I'm pressured I might disappoint u with less stories..hehe