Thursday, March 20, 2008

KR Travelogue Day4f: Firsts

Thankfully though, the awful performance has ended and dance music was once more blasting through the speakers. In a heartbeat, the dancefloor was filled by the clubbers whom I noticed were still in their coats and jackets. Hmm, it’s not that cold anymore inside. Why not show off some skin?? Mr. Lee was already in the mood for shaking his grooves and when he stood up inviting everybody, we just stupidly stared at him. Haha!! But when he grabbed me by the arm, I had no choice but to give in. Aarrgh!

I positioned myself so that a huge bar is blocking their line of sight from me. It was quite embarrassing for them to see me dancing. Let’s not forget that these men are still my “professional” acquaintances. Hehehe. Once on the floor, I witnessed the power of drinking of the Koreans. I mean, it’s just around 10 PM and some men are already too much inebriated that’s enough for them to disturb a circle of girls dancing. When one of the girls got irritated, she went for an almighty push and the guy allowed himself to land to another group whom he can bother. I think I’m having a culture shock here. I mean, come on, that’s normal here? Why don’t they call the guards so the jerk can be dismissed right away? Soon, I found one man lasciviously groping a girl in her behind. Now it’s really getting freaky. I was afraid to be bumped by these clumsy bastards but somehow Mr. Lee was protective enough. Soon, we were joined by Alexy (Russia), Jakub (Poland) and Lawrence (Malaysia). Uhmm, how do I say this delicately but really, I got turned off by Lawrence’s move on the floor. It’s kind of old school, hehe. Bad!! But who am I to know if that’s what’s “in” in his country right? :P

Jakub, Alexy and Moi

Again, the dancing ended when it was time for another performer. This time it’s a sexy girl doing some sexy dance and it was time for my revenge to the guys. I was almost about to tease them but then I remembered, of course, this is just a normal show for them. And they’re Europeans to begin with. I suddenly felt like a loser! Hmmp!!

After viewing more performances, I’m feeling the teeniest weeniest ripple of interest. Seriously, what kind of club is this? They’ve shown different kinds of entertainment already. A girlband, a boyband, a macho dance, a slutty dance, a rockband!! I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a circus show after! Haha!! When it’s time for the dancing again, no one from our table bothered to go back to the floor. But when I heard YMCA being played, I noticed Samuel nodding his head in sync with the sound. Ok, YMCA is kind of oldies and everything but still!!

“Hey, you should be on the floor dancing.”
And there went my first few words to him.

“You coming?” He asked.

Oh. My. God!! I’m going to the floor with him!! Repeat. We’re going to the floor together!! As we inched the path that leads to the floor, I kind of wished the song be changed to a ballad so we can do a romantic dance. Yay! I couldn’t believe the places my mind was going. But when we we’re there, we were left hanging with the shift of music and just kind of stood there with the rest of the guys watching the crazy crowd. So I took advantage of my camera. Hihi.

1st position: Christian, Samuel and Jakub

our 1st pic togetherÜ: i don't know how we got close, haha!!

i swear he was so sweet in this picture, I might cry. really!!

as for this, i promise I asked everybody to join. :P

Though we didn't talk much back in the table, it's okay. I reckon he’s the quiet type of guy. I know I’ve spoken with almost all of the delegates and drew some out but you see the approach is different for a crush. And this level of admiration is way beyond US and Poland. Indeed, a monstrous crush! Okay, the long and short of all these is this: I’m tameme when I’m with him. Hehehe. (Stumped ≈ tameme? Hardly enough.)

Also, he’s still texting someone. Darn! He’s also not that talking very much to the guys. I'm intrigued as to how Dien drew him out and made him speak about football. Still, I’m happy. We had our picture, we’re quite close now and tomorrow we can utter our his and hellos. Surely, this is just the start. :)

It’s past 12 and Mr. Lee was already raring to go but again, none of us wants to leave yet. Hehe. So Ronald entreated for some minutes more. Everyone can see the impatience in Mr. Lee’s face so when he stood up after 30 mins, we all followed suit.

I requested for a group photo outside the bar but there’s one Korean man in suit who looked drunk and approached us.

“I want a picture with the girl!”

Oh no. What does this man take me for? Just because I’m a girl alone with the guys in a club, does he think I’m a????? What the??????? I shot the men a pleading look and they all just smiled at me. How very supportive!! But the guy is now approaching and I can’t resist the situation, so I pulled Jakub to join us. :P

“Send me the pic in e-mail.” Hands out his calling card which Lawrence took.

now you see the pashmina? haha.

The guys hailed a cab and I was expecting for the same arrangement as before but to my surprise, Samuel didn’t join his first cabmates. Things happened so quickly and the next thing I remember, I was sandwiched between Lawrence and Samuel in the backseat. Aaaah, it feels so good to be near him. Ü♥Ü

Lawrence, being the usual friendly guy that he is, started talking to the driver. However, the driver started threatening about him being a member of the Mafia in the best way he could speak in English hehe. Of course he was just joking and I was ready to ride in this situation. I trained the camera at me put it in video mode and started recording.

“Mom, if you’re listening right now. We’re all here in this taxi……………” in my best over-acting dramedy performance to everybody’s merriment. Haha!! Gosh, I’ve never been that normal beside my crush.

“Hey, the guy you had a picture with is someone way up in Samsung. Like way way high.” Lawrence said as he inspected the calling card.

“Really? Oh I should’ve known. I could’ve been a bit nicer. Maybe he could promote me. Hahaha!” I replied, continuing on with my comedian act. I can feel him smiling beside me. :) Normally funny, that’s soooo not KC when beside her crush!!

“Yep. Maybe he’s seen you in the office and liked you.” Lawrence added. Ngek!

When we reached the hotel, we saw Ronald and the rest of the guys crossing the road for another round of drink. Samuel said he’s joining but Lawrence passed this time around which meant I should do too. He’s still my closest and trusted friend among the guys.

“Make sure you’re up early tomorrow guys! Else, I’ll kill you!” then I waved my goodbye. We can’t be late tomorrow for Everland. :)

It’s OK. I know I do have the chance tomorrow: the chance of being with him again. I just know. =) Pink-cheeked and glowing, I returned to my room. Not only that, I had the widest smile of my entire stay in Gumi before I slept. I can even feel me smiling while asleep. =)

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