Wednesday, March 19, 2008

KR Travelogue Day4e: A Night With The Boys

"Hasta Maňana, Espaňa Maňana” Ronald (Netherlands) is joking infront of us.

It’s 8:15 PM and we’re supposed to be collected 15 mins earlier. Now here we all are, chilling just outside the hotel’s lobby waiting for Massimo (Italy) and Samuel (Spain). A lot of the original attendees have already cancelled; Dien, for one, called me just before I left my room. Now here’s Christian (Norway) who has just emerged from the lobby with the news that Massimo’s too sleepy to drag his sorry butt down. Good! I’m not quite comfortable with him around especially with the scene earlier.
Oh no, Samuel, where are you? Please, please come. Don’t be such a flake.

And faster than I could say ESP, there’s again the most drop-dead gorgeous man sauntering down the stairs, making my world stop and my heart beat fast. Even with the conversation going on around me, all I can hear are his footsteps from afar and its accompanying music. Like, like a groom waiting for his marching bride. Yay! Hahaha! For a moment, I was riveted to that oh-so-handsome face that I forgot to check how good he performs in the dressing department. Right, like it’s gonna matter at all.

Gosh, I am so doing a Manhattan once-over on him. Hmm, let’s see. I started studying his clean cut hair, thick eyebrows; beautiful eyes hidden under those spectacles, succulent lips then I saw something familiar. Screeeeeeeeeeecchh!! Eureka! Like an amnesia patient with returning memory, my mind flashed back on Day 1. Yes, I do remember him! He has just stood up and was introducing himself but instead of looking at him in the face, my attention was grabbed by this screaming pashmina he’s been wearing. That maroon and white striped neckwear that’s so typically used by any of the Caucasian race. I have to admit that during that time, it was hitting me as off. But now that he’s standing here infront of me with his brown leather pilot jacket, denim jeans and matching brown sneakers, hmm…looks like we've got our perfect guy here. The iris of my eyes must have shifted shape into something like this: ♥ :P

Well, since we touched something about dresses you might be intrigued as to what I am wearing. Fyi, I just changed my spaghetti top into something decent without the coat on. (Remember my recurring lesson?) Admittedly, I wasn't prepared for this. However, whatever that is lacking when it comes to dressing up or style, it was nevertheless compensated by the splashes of perfume. Wahaha!!

“Sorry, I’m late!” Was all he could muster. Really now, do you say sorry for making one’s night?? I was dying inside. :P

There were 3 cabs waiting for us, and Lawrence and I took the last one with Mr. Lee beside the driver. It’s okay not to be with him yet, the night is still young. And the purpose for now is to subtly finagle information on his status. That’s priority #1.

So I learned that the place is called downtown and when we get there I caught sight of a very familiar scene, something that resembled the lights and glitters of Ermita, Manila. Yay! I remembered the last time I went there; it was when some “claiming” director interviewed me for modeling. Hmm, intriguing huh? So okay, it’s not Embassy or Alchemy like back in the Philippines but what to expect? I’m in the province of Gumi-si.

the lights of downtown

Now here’s the thing. Before I went here, jetsetter Tytana shared some stories on some funny signage for directions she captured when she was in China. I resolved to do the same but then hardly did I find some. I’m talking about things like “After your first under-on, do riding with civility.” which just simply meant, be careful in the escalator or something to that effect. Funny right? But then after our conversation with Mr. Kim earlier, I can't explain but I just had so much respect for the Koreans now. I mean, yes we can speak English fluently but do we have something like what Samsung is to Koreans? Even so, I can’t resist taking picture of the name of the bar we went in. I don’t know but let’s just give them the benefit of the doubt, alright? :P

yup, it's not V

We went to the endmost point of the huge bar that’s on the right part of the stage and settled for that upholstered seat where Samuel first dived in. Now, I was standing on the edge of the table weighing my options whether to sit beside him or infront of him thinking that if it’s the former then I definitely deserve the Nobel Prize for chutzpah. I mulled it over for 2 ticks and thought, what the heck? These are all guys anyway! Happiness bubbled inside me the moment I was finally seated beside him. =) Imagine, there were just microns of air between us!!

But then again there were spoilers. It hasn’t been 5 seconds when somebody proposed to transfer to another seat because the 9 of us couldn’t fit in that table. You can just imagine how comically disappointed I was. I was whispering to my shoulder “Kainis! Katabi ko na eh, Alamo un?” just like how those comedians act infront of the camera. Man, this guy is driving me nuts!! Haha!!

We were the last to follow onto the new table so Samuel took the edge of the left table while I was on the edge of the other one (no choice, there’s no more space beside him, haha). We’re now separated by a narrow leeway. There he was, seated across me looking so unbearably appealling, naturally sexy and completely out of place. And there I was, enjoying the presence of an attractive guy next to me. He took out his phone and went texting. A horrible thought shot through me. Could he be texting a significant other????

My thoughts were distracted by a Korean sound coming from the stage. It was time for the first night performance and to my dismay; it’s some macho guy doing a sexy dance. Uuugh!! We started ordering our food and drinks and the guys kept on teasing me to turn around and face the stage. I acted like a child getting shocked on the scenario which is normal coz really I haven’t been into any kind of these shows before. Afraid as I was that this show would last on for the night, I was more petrified that Samuel hasn't put down his phone since. *sigh* Who could he be probably texting?

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