Monday, March 17, 2008

Live Loud: Eastwood to Emba

What I have learned from these product launches is this: An event is an event is an event. Simple. It’s meant to create a buzz and attract the press. It’s all glitterati and glamorous. Conclusion: you have to look your dang best! :P I mean, who knows where the pictures could come out right?? Not that there’s a hint of wanting to be discovered here alright? ;)

Live Loud is about the launch of our 3 music phones: SGH-F250, SGH-F330 and SGH-I450. And what better way to inaugurate it than to hold a concert in Eastwood featuring the 3 bands: Southborder, Brownman Revival and Parokya ni Edgar. The said concert last Friday is the kick-off party for concerts to be held nationwide which I’m praying I could be part of. :P

There are t-shirts to be worn for the said event. Please believe me that I didn’t, repeat, I didn’t mean to be different from the team. I already had my plan of prepping up the white shirt with a hat and my high-waisted wide-bottomed trouser. But then Lisa had all of a sudden veered with pushing through our supposed-to-be cancelled Emba and I was just boy-scout lucky to have brought an extra top. Come to think of it, I didn’t even have my matching black bangles and clutch. =P Most of all, I didn’t mean to arrive late so as to cause heads be turned during the 3rd band. My boss was just caught up with work and when we arrived they didn’t want to join me walking coz they thought others might think they’re my bodyguards. :(

Ok, time for the pics now: the phones

SGH-F250; SGH-F330 and SGH-I450

the place:

our hosts:

Luis and Andy
our ambassador:

yes yes show
Lisa and de Moi (with the hat that has almost got me making my first online purchase in Ebay)

Lisa has been Samsung-ized, haha!

As for Emba, I have to say it was so-so. Don't get me wrong here, I was delighted to catch pretty pretty Pau there. Sorry for the misoriented shot, hehe.

Chinitas, hehe

Could it be because someone is missing? :( He's in a gig in Quezon Av. Was it different without him??????
Nonetheless, LIVE LOUD!! The party must go on. Now that's a nice segue for our blurb. :P

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