Wednesday, March 12, 2008

KR Travelogue Day4d: It's All About Samuel

Oh. My. Gaaaaaaaaa. My jaw must have dropped to somewhere down my knees. Who is this guy? He could’ve just stepped out of a men’s catalogue. I kept my eyes peeled on him as he makes his way towards the European table. My eyes made a quick sweep on the table and by the method of elimination; I was able to recognize him. But of course!! Of course he’s Samuel “Parang Pilipino lang ah” Gonzalez I read from the list yesterday. Oh no! What have I been doing all this time flirting with US and Poland? Absolutely, they’re nothing compared to him. What has happened to my senses escaping this handsome guy? Handsome word seems hardly enough. Then with a sickening thud, I remember what date it is. As in, anong petsa na? It’s already the last day of the training and tomorrow at Everland is not a guarantee that we could still be together. I heaved out a massive sigh.

Shortly, Mr. Jung announced on the microphone that the session is over and we could already go back to the hotel if we want to. Oh, that’s it???? No more forced drinking and talent portion???????? For a moment I allowed myself to think back about the advices given to me like how to avoid the drink and the singing, could the guys back be just teasing me?? But then I have to set my priorities here alright?? There’s a gorgeous guy a table away from me and I don’t know how to get to him. When I saw the Europeans gather closely, an idea struck me.

“Ok you guys gather I’ll take a picture.” Ha!! The wonder of my camera! I was about to press the shutter when I made a big mistake of looking closely at my subject in the screen of my camera. I saw a megawatt smile that’s enough to melt any female’s hearts. I felt something struck my heart and it made me shrink back. Just when more and more delegates rush to the table, I gave up.

“Hey, I want to join too!” Mr. Lee volunteered to take the picture and I rushed towards Samuel’s side. Great KC!! Not at all obvious. Not at all. I took a closer look at him and my oh my!! He looks even more jaw-dropping up close. As in seriously achingly good looking. My admiration could’ve been photographed.

see where's the head tilted to? hehehe

More and more cellphones were being handed for pictures and we moved to the South American table. I felt a strange hand on my shoulder and I turned to see it’s Massimo’s (Italy). It has got me slightly conscious but in spite of it I was able to beam confidently at the camera.

SA table

When the photo-ops ended, my tablemates already decided to call it a night. The China team (the most isolated group) already left even before the picture taking session began. I felt a slight twinge at the thought of leaving. Specially that the Europeans are still there in the hall. Samuel, most specially, I haven’t exchanged a word with him yet. =(

I left the room hoping to heavens that there will be a chance tomorrow. Meanwhile, Lawrence, Ali, Dien and I wandered on the ground floor and outside the building for some pictures and conversation. It’s been some 15 minutes that we’re lingering but there’s nary a sign of the Europeans passing. Not that I’m making it obvious to them that I’m waiting for someone neither did I keep on extending the conversation so we can stay. It’s cold for crying out loud! After each had their picture infront of the Samsung building, we hailed a chugging taxi and went back to the hotel.

photo-op outside the building

5 mins later, our cab stopped infront of another in one in the hotel. To my overjoyed relief, it’s the Europeans. =) I hurriedly stepped down to see Samuel. Ű ♥Ű As I do so, I overheard Lawrence asking Esther and Nilce where they’re headed. The SA team is going out for an extended drinking. When we reached the lobby, Ronald was already making a poll on who’s going to come for a drink somewhere downtown. I saw Samuel nod and I prayed that the invitation be extended to us Asians. When Lawrence and Dien finally said okay and all eyes on me,

“All right I’m coming but I’m not drinking okay?” I wished with all of my soul that I didn’t say those words. They might think I’m such a party pooper. But somehow, none of that seems to matter anymore. All I know is that I’m going with Samuel!!! Woohooo!!! This is it!! A tailor-made opportunity to flirt. :P

Walking all the way up to the room with Lawrence and Dien, it was hard but I was able to conceal my glee. But once inside my room, all bets were off. I threw myself on the bed allowing myself to anticipate the night. :D But my happiness was short-lived as I got struck by another dilemma. Oh no, what am I going to wear?? I’ve been dressed for many eventualities and clubbing/bar-hopping is one of them. However, doing it abroad?? Nope, it wasn’t anticipated. =(

I heard a knock on the door. It was Dien. He’s gonna borrow my cam’s memory card to transfer pix to his laptop. I followed him to his room which is just next to mine so we can have a short chat. A little earlier, we talked about one of our co-trainees back in Singapore who just resigned and texted him. He was sad about it. A little later, our topic shifted to our respective lovelife. And then very shortly, I found myself confessing to him my admiration for Samuel. Gosh! This has been my struggle eversince. Whenever I have crushes, I can’t help keeping it to myself. I know there’s nothing wrong letting someone know you admire another person but somehow it felt wrong. Like a grade school feeling embarrassingly wrong. Although this time, I found it beneficial coz I learned that Samuel’s into football just like Dien. :) I remembered they were seatmates. Again, for the millionth time, I can’t for the life of me psych it out how I could’ve possibly missed this guy. My sharp eyes have failed me. I approached Dien in his table so many times you know??

When I went back to my room, I can’t help grinning from ear to ear. He’s sporty!!! He’s sporty!!! I’m saying as though I’ve just discovered a cure to a certain disease. Aaah, I love sporty men! The fact that I badly stink on it could possibly explain it. But it seems to me that I’m missing out on one vital information. I mean, ok, he’s handsome and he’s sporty. But the question is, IS HE STILL SINGLE???

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