Friday, March 28, 2008

KR Travelogue Day5a: Goodbye Gumi-Si

Nope. Na-ah. Not for today. Unlike the previous three days, I have no qualms or whatsoever on what I am wearing today. Today, actually, is the very much well-rehearsed ensemble of all. In fact, I’ve never looked so equestrienne-like in my life. And, I’m going to a kiddie park. Now if I could only find my horse. Bwahaha!! Ok, here’s a bit of an explanation as to what I am wearing.

Do you remember how I was told that I should wear flat boots so I can enter Everland? I followed it of course. Now the hat is something knitted so it could warm my head and stretchable so I can cover my ears should there be any pain due to cold. See? It’s dual-purposed: a hat and an earmuff! That was a great buy!! :) Although, so far I haven’t experienced something like that. Then I took on anything in my closet back at home that would match the two. I found this turtleneck long-sleeved blouse, my new black trench coat and my dark gray skinny jeans. After packing my stuffs, I went for another check in the mirror to admire that girl that’s staring back at me. Feeling rather smug, I pulled my suitcase and went out of my room.

But all that confidence and conviction vanished in a jiffy when I saw Chi Yan (China) in our floor dressed to the nines in her bright yellow puffy quilted skiing jacket matched with a skirt underneath those black stockings and pumps. Doubleyou-oh-doubleyou, WOW! I suddenly felt small!! With an air of concern, I approached her and asked if she has something flat to wear cascading to her Leon’s reminder on shoes. She told me that she’s not going to Everland but instead will be meeting her mother and go shopping. *sad*

Of course, the shoe replacement advice was in no way intruding her fashion sense or demoting her yet stylish status. Surely, if there’s anyone in the delegates that I’d like to bond more for today it would have to be them: Chinese girls. (If Samuel goes on with another group, that is!) Hahaha!! Which reminds me, Samuel!! I’ve got to hurry down. Yipee!!!

I stopped for a short while by that terrace like structure and breathed in that crisp morning air mixed with that beautiful smell which I learned last night is emanating from the men’s comfort room, haha!! Sigh. It’s time to say goodbye to you Gumi-Si and Best Western Hotel. It was a nice and memorable stay. :) I made my way down to the lobby, checked out and paid my due.

I passed by the dining area and felt that urge to have a quick breakfast when I heard my tummy rumble. But I noticed that no one’s about in the said area and most of the delegates are already on the bus. There’s actually still time but if I do, I can’t go back anymore in my room to do a quick toothbrush and re-touch. Fine, I’d rather preserve my make-up and bear my hunger thank you very much. :P Lawrence helped me get my suitcase in the luggage section of the bus.

Oh by the way, I forgot to tell you. Because I reckoned I can finally take on the weather, I decided to ditch my thermal wear for today. Come to think of it, I was able to put up with the cold in just a spaghetti strap and a trench coat last night. Besides, I deemed it would just make me look fat in my body hugging top and skinny jeans. Such a show-off!! Haha!! But in any case, I put it in my hold-all bag so I can easily access it should there be a need.

I climbed up the coach and made a surreptitious quick search for that striking-drop-dead-gorgeous-handsome-and-all-the-adjectives-I-can-think-of face among the crowd but there’s none. Nada. Of course, I’m not worrying. He’s gonna come of course, don’t be silly. Hasta Maňana, Espaňa Maňana, like Ronald said. And okay, I fibbed about last night. Of course it’s okay to be late in Everland for as long as we’re not leaving Samuel. Wahaha!! Haz como quieras.

I passed by Dien and Lawrence who I noticed are already seated together. Good! I can find a space of my own with a vacant seat next to it. Aaah, the thought that he might sit beside me just by any remote chance had thrilled me beyond measure. :) But surely if that has to happen then I have to know where he usually sits right? As there were more seats in the back, I positioned myself somewhere in the middle. It was quite frustrating that I only noticed him during dinner last night. But, there’s no point hanging on to that now. I consoled myself with the thought that I can still see him in this 4-hour long ride. I’ll be happy with that. Yes, we’ll be in the same bus for four solid hours. Some girls aren’t that lucky.

And surely there he is, in a red top emerging out of the revolving door, making me press my hand against the window with yearning as though he’s not gonna come inside. Haha!! In seconds, I can now see him from the door of the bus walking in the middle. And there I was in a panic not knowing what to do. Should I look at him, smile at him, say good morning? WHAT??? In the end, I just turned my face down pretending to fish something in my mini-bag knowing full well that my face has just instantly shifted fifteen shades to beet red and worst of all scuppering my chances of having him seated beside me atleast. I can only hear myself do a sing-song sigh of Don’t Know What To Do by Ric Segreto. Yay!

Okay, he passed by me. Then a horrendous thought gripped me. I remembered, Nilce (Brazil), is seated at the backmost. God, please don’t let him sit beside her or anywhere near her. I’ll die of jealousy. Hahaha!!

I got startled with a voice calling me. It was Jun Xiang (China) – for me the prettiest girl among the trainees – seated behind the coach across me.

“KC, I will take your picture.” She aimed her camera at me. I gave out a bashful smile and said thanks afterwards. Awww. She’s not only pretty, she’s also sweet. :) They like me. :) :) :) I feel buoyant with the fruit of all my gregariousness.

Although the slight turn gave me a chance to see the back, it wasn’t enough to have a full view. When at last I couldn’t take it anymore, I spoke to Ali who’s just behind me with anything gobbledygook so I can make a furtive glance on where he’s at. He’s behind Ali. 2 rows away from her – a very safe distance I may say. Phew!! After the arrival of the remaining delegates, off we leave Gumi and made our way to Everland. :)

Addendum: I also have something for today, a very cute accessory that’s very appropriate to where we are going. Borrowed from Tita Millet (Joy’s mom). I intended to pair it with a matching spotted earmuffs (very much like Jasmin in My Girl) but I haven’t got time to shop for the last days. Anyhoo, here it is. Isn’t it cute?? ;)


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