Saturday, April 05, 2008

KR Travelogue Day5b: Here We Are, Everland!!

As I watch the country side rickety-rack past, I prayed that a chance with Samuel be bestowed upon me. It hasn’t been that long since we left Gumi and already, I feel regret that I took the risk of having no seatmate in this 4-hr ride. I observed some of the others chattering with their seatmates and felt quite envious. Feeling marooned, I opened my book and tried to revive the thrill I felt when I first started reading it but somehow it’s not that appealing today. There’s only one sensible and favorable thing to do. Zzzzzzz.

I was awakened when the bus came to a halt. It’s a stop-over. Before I joined the rest of the guys who stepped down to appreciate the view and answer their “call of nature”, I simply felt for my compact powder and did a quick re-touch. :P Still wanting to flaunt my curves (yay!), I decided to leave my trench and hurried down.

Nnngggeeee, ang lamig!! I can feel the chill penetrating right through my very bones. Oh no, I’ve really got to wear my thermal in Everland if I still want to live. Not wanting to be laughed at for stupidly leaving my coat, I stood by my “bare” look and did my photo-ops.

with Nilce (Brazil) and Esther (Mexico) chilling in cold

Just like that lead student in the class inspecting her classmates’ nails, I once more noticed Nilce’s boots and talked to her about the same warning I was given. Her argument: There are probably some flat shoes for rent to ski. Right! Why haven’t I thought of that? Am so stupid. Here I am feeling sorry for myself for buying these boots that I know would probably be only used today. :(

Unable to stand the cold, I entered the restaurant and had myself a cappuccino. While sipping it outside, I saw Samuel and some of the guys near the trash area having some conversation. Yes! My cup is about to be drained.

I approached them and surreptitiously studied his face. I’m seeing him up close for the first time in the daylight. No artificial glow from the fluorescent, blinking lights from the bar like last night, just pure light rays coming from the sun and reflected back to my cornea. Man, he really has the look to die for. Are all men in Spain this good-looking?? Then, what am I still doing in the Philippines? Hahaha!!!

He’s holding a pack of cookies and after sharing with the guys,

“You want some?”

No. “Aah, Yes!” It would be churlish to turn it down and saying the word can easily end up in a smile. :P

“Thanks!” And gave him a modest smile. It was a sweet moment. :)

When I took the bite, I didn’t realize how famished I was. Heck, I could even ask for another one. Wahaha!!

Upon returning on the bus, I dealt with one more contemplation on my look. First is how or where would I wear my thermal. Ok, it’s easy. I would do it quickly in one of the comfort rooms in Everland. Next is my doggie neckwear. I know I can pull it off and wouldn’t look odd because a lot of them would be wearing something like that in Everland. But something’s holding me back. Samuel! I just know there would be a chance with him later, I just knew it. And I can’t risk looking like a joke to him if you know, we could get a bit close. :D I mean what if we’re having this really serious conversation and he’s about to confess something but then suddenly his gaze would be shifted to my neckwear and instantly change the topic. Oh no, it can't happen. Oh boy, I'm hallucinating. Haha! Basta, this is already technically our last day. Whatever it is that must happen, it must occur. Yup, today is crucial. No mistakes, only calculated risks. I’m really sorry Patch. You’re really cute and all but I have to leave you if I want something to happen in my lovelife. Wahaha!! With this sudden shift in determination, it’s all settled then. After some more long naps, sight-seeing and donkey-like anticipation ‘Are we there yet?’, here we are in Everland!!! :) :) :)


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