Friday, April 04, 2008

Aaargh, MEN!!

Just got hold of the leftmost pix recently and I thought of collating these just to show how my love for music permeates through men who appreciate it also. ;)

Chin of MYMP; Yael of Spongecola; Sam Milby; Champ of Hale
By the way, if you noticed it also, the common denominator above is that I don’t look good in any of them. Haha!! I hate it! It’s not everyday that I get the chance to see them and most of all have the guts to ask for a pic. :(

I’ve been meaning to post today my 16th installment of my KR Travelogue (wow, I can’t believe it myself it was already that many), it’s just that I’m still quite in a shock right now. I can’t put two words together in my state last Wednesday. First, I learned about the news of possibility of Intel CV’s closure. It was really saddening to hear about it. :( And as if it wasn’t enough, somebody who’s part of my Secret Fantasies of A Hopeless Romantic post made a shocking revelation totally rocking my world. Right now, I can’t get over with the fact that I ALMOST jumped into a “in a relationship” status. But thanks to my wrong interpretations and stupid answers (haha!), it will probably take a while before that time comes. And since this classifies as one of those spontaneous posts, I’d like to thank my friend Lisa (whom by the way I just learned last week is in Blogspot and Multiply as well, woohoo!!) for keeping me sane that time. :P Funny when she followed up that night what happened, I texted her “Kami na” she jumped from the couch she was sitting on and excitedly told the news to her mom. Haha!! Then I had to text again and tell her I was just pulling her leg. :P The joke was a bit late for April Fool's, wahaha!! Hmm, should I have been disturbed that Lisa and most of my friends we’re so excited – titillated even – by me finally almost having a guy? Had my lovelife been that dull up to now? :P

Anyways, speaking of titillating, there’s this one guy I’d like to introduce here who’s been completing my weeknights. I truly deserve a congratulations for liking him, haha!! I will be the first one to criticize that yes, he’s not that handsome but I don’t know there’s something about him. Haha!! He’s Lee Seo Jin from the Koreanovela Lovers shown every night. I sooo heart him. ♥

Jared of Lovers
So to neutralize things, I’m going to party tonight. Hehe. Still a part of our music campaign, a Samsung party is going to be held later in a newly opened bar at Tomas Morato: Dolce. A Samsung phone (not necessarily Live Loud phones) is all you need to enter the bar for free and get a free drink. Isn’t it great?? See you all later. :)

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