Tuesday, April 01, 2008

VENGEANCE: A 'Mean Girl' Moment

Is the Philippine blogosphere currently in danger due to this defamatory blog that is the talk of the town? For those who are not yet in the know, there’s this revengeful blog of an Australian gay who was stolen with a handsome amount of money by his lover in the Philippines. Personally, I think that the said blog gained popularity because he’s exposing the dirty laundry of a famous Filipina socialite who according to his blog connived with the lover by tolerating his acts. For those who are prickled with intrigue, notice that I didn’t put the link in here because first of all, I don’t support this kind of blog. He’s gone to the point of attacking the parents of the girl and the lover’s closest friends – all of these just to get his money back.

As for the girl, I admit that I once liked her. I often see her in pin-ups and centerfolds accompanying which are 2-pagers of her personality. Being the bearer of one of the prestigious names of her industry, she has to maintain a good reputation. And people, like scavengers on the prowl for something that stinks, swarm on sources of these bullsh*ts (pardon the term) written about her. People rejoice when they learn that she’s not the perfect girl we imagined her to be. Or, to be more accurate, she’s a far cry from the image that she projects in the media.

Gosh, I don’t even know why I’m riding this wave. All I know is that this whole brouhaha reminded me of the time when I once took the power of revenge into my own sinful hands. I’m not perfect, I do care about my reputation but I also have my own “Mean Girl” moment of my life. Wow, I don’t know how I was able to connect these things in my introduction – it’s like connecting point A to point Z – but still I’d like to share it anyway. And please don’t argue anymore, I know you’re all here for the cheap thrills. Wahaha!!


She was the girl responsible for the break-up. Her name, if added with a prefix “poly” gives you the chemical name for PLASTIC – which serendipitously (to my delight) befitted her. Quick segue: Thank God I super duper love my Chemistry way back. :P I befriended her initially: a pure, genuine and true offering. I was grateful that she’s buddying up the bf then who grew up in an all-boys school. Perhaps, I thought, she would be the key to our lesser “rows” by simply exposing to the guy just what a woman’s about. I assumed she was safe, knowing that she has a 5-yr relationship of her own. But what did she do? She took on the two guys simultaneously.

She was like a meek sheep in the beginning and continued to be in the end when infront of everybody. But during our 1:1 confrontations – which my friend Xiela berated me for stooping down to her level and which I, in turn, promised won’t happen again in my life – I don’t know how she transforms into that lying bitch that she is.

It was one big reality shock of my life. For the first time I encountered those mean people. I thought these people – whose joy consists of seeing other people suffer – only exist in movies. I was so na├»ve. Or maybe I was too sheltered with good people all my life, I don’t know.

Year after the break-up:

It was one ordinary working day with titanic amount of work to be done. I think I was perusing one of my gazillion mails that time when I heard one of my friend/groupmate and ultimately my accomplice (whose name I refuse to mention here ;) utter these upon studying resumes for a vacant position in the group.

“Tama ba naming ilagay ang Mutya ng Mutinlupa sa resume?”

Ok. The title certainly does ring a bell. But I had to make sure. I giraffed my head to my right side straight to his laptop and asked him to scroll up the document.

A familiar spasm – half pain, half anger went through me at the sight of the 2x2 picture. It’s her. It’s bloody her. What a nerve!! She very well knows that I work here. Some people just simply don’t have the thing called delicadeza.

She doesn’t belong here – and it’s not a subjective statement. She doesn’t fit into the roster of cream of the crop of the universities that our group is. I’m sorry, she simply doesn’t. Forgive me, I didn’t mean to boast in anyway but really this is an extenuating circumstance. I don’t care if she’s a local municipality beauty title holder but if I were given the options, I’ll still stick to my scholastic awards and my national licensure achievement thank you very much.

As sure as I was that this friend of mine is going to dismiss her resume, a full-blown plan has already been plotted in my mind. Nope, she won’t get away with this. She wants a job in this prestigious company? Then let’s give her what she’s asking for. Time for her to meet the girl she messed up with. It’s payback time, beeyatch!!

10:00 AM interview time

I was on the far end of our 1:1 rooms doing a breathing exercise; instructing myself that I can do it. As ever, I was dressed in my most trendy casual outfit (corporate doesn’t much apply back there) holding my opened laptop in my right hand. I have to arrive 10 minutes late.

At the other end of the rows of room is the venue of the interview. By this time, my friend must’ve already briefed her that they have to wait for someone to join the interview. Yup, a VIP entrance effect, that is. I’m such a genius. :P

10 mins later, I knocked on the room, opened it and looked straight into my accomplice’s eye.
“Sorry ***, I can’t make it. I have another meeting at this same time. You can just go on with the interview.” I think these were my exact words. I’m not so sure coz admittedly I stuttered a bit – that’s me when I’m lying. :P

My friend -who in that span of time must’ve already made her relax a bit with his friendly demeanor -as planned introduced her to me and innocently asked the question do-you-know-her-she’s-of-the-same-school-and all that shiz. OMG, *** you certainly deserve the FAMAS best actor there, haha!!

This is it. My winning moment: I finally turned my head and gave her that “yeah-I-do-know-her-she’s-a-bitch” look with Katie Holmes smile and an eyebrow up before I reiterated once more that I’m running late to an important meeting and bid goodbye.

YES!! I did it!! I can still summon up the thrill when I saw her confident face gave out a nervous smile. It’s like presenting to her the irony of ironies of her life. But what’s annoyingly amazing was when I saw that same deceitful eyes made a “hey-I-know-you-we’re-close” in friendly way recognition. What a hypocritical cow!!

Many of you – as some of my friends did- may ask why I didn’t proceed with the interview. It would’ve been sweet to see her stutter on her answers due to my presence. Well, I preferred it that way. To make her come into the province – a 4-hr long ride- for an interview and learning that she won’t make it in the end– that’s enough for me. That cameo role of mine (haha!) may have already given her some extra anxiety during the interview that I, being one of “the powers that be” (in a pretense of course) – already knew about her beforehand and decided not to come because she’s just a waste of bloody time and space. Hehe. But if you wanna know the official version, the truth is I’m not sure I can’t keep it professional all the while. She’s just too mean for a good girl like me and goodness!! I can’t bear her hypocrisy!

Next thing I know, the ex was asking for my permission to give my number to her – my address even – just so she can personally apologize. Now that was desperate. Well, I couldn’t blame her. If you’re still jobless for 6 months after graduation – it’s pathetic! And she bloody well deserved it.


Year after that – I meditate – was I really happy with what I did? Last I checked, she’s married and has a child of her own with the original bf- not sure about the career though. But if you’re looking at the relationship department, it seems that she’s still in the win. And the answer is bordering on a NO. The guy – he’s not worth fighting for to begin with. His words that “I’m too perfect for him”- is just a lame excuse for the cheating scumbag that he is.

Going back, I’m not going to ask the Australian guy if he’s gonna be happy when he gets his money. As is, he’s now suffering from HIV. But I think, it would do him best to just live and let live. Perhaps he can let the proper authorities deal with it. His case is just one of the crazy things people do for love. And we all, once in a while, make that mistake. Easy to say for me, you’ll probably say. So to end this post, I'd just like to give a reminder that to repay doesn't belong to us. Even if we encountered the meanest of the meanest of people, remember that vengeance still belong to the One up above. You can check these comforting words found on Romans 12:19.

Omigosh, so full of scriptural texts lately. This is sooo not a holy week residue. ;)


Anonymous said...

Deng, although I agree with you on wanting to pay the bitch back for the backstabbing, I'd never use the workplace as a form of venue.
Not only because it's unprofessional to do so, but there could also be some future legal ramification against your company. (depending on the country)


kCNeSs said...

yeah I know. Don't worry, it won't happen again. :P