Monday, March 31, 2008

It's A Gurl Thing

(my special edition for Women's Month - not for a guy ;)

It’s that time of the month where I don’t feel good about myself. Zits are all over my face, my paunch is at its flabbiest, my moves are somewhat limited, and my most hated is that I’m restricted to wearing certain clothes. After craving a week (or probably longer than that) before for different kinds of foods, here you are willing yourself to avoid anything too sweet, too cold or too sour. And if you insist, well, get ready to face another one of your D-day (can be referred also as dooms day) which we all know can already happen during the 1st day. You cry over something so shallow such as a happy bonding with a girlfriend in the mall or a puppy being sold at the streets. If it’s of any consolation, it’s also those times when you usually get a higher than normal number of hits from guys (bastards not included). Gurls, you very well know what I’m talking about.

During my “in a relationship” status, this period sometimes can also be known as one of the sweetest times of your life knowing full-well that bf is like a genie: “Your wish is my command.” Wehehe. I guess it’s also comparable to the gestation stage of married women. But, ok let me emphasize, BUT, should it come in those stages where you’re in those “rough times” of the relationship, it has got me cursing (sort of) how men can sometimes be such big jerks! Okay, take note of sometimes and surely I’m not generalizing.

When I was young, it has often got me wondering if women can ever be successful in what they do because of this thing. Sure it comes just once in a month but what if it’s in that crucial part of your career?? You may think questions like this are overrated but if you just know what happened the last time I was attacked by the Big D. I was alone in the mall; my whole body’s shaking due to pain and was almost about to pass out when I made it just in time to reach a waiting bench of Max’s restaurant. I slept there for about an hour and thankfully nothing bad happened.

There was also a period of time when I was in 3rd year high when I skipped on it for 7 long months. I was so happy I wasn’t telling my Mom about it. But when I learned about the repercussions, I got scared and promised I’ll be watchful next time.

Sometimes, it once crossed my mind to just have it permanently removed. And that said, yes, I once considered going under the knife. But then I realized it would be such a big offense or disrespect to the Creator’s masterpiece: my body. We all know how we all are wonderfully created by God. Besides, it would be considered a pure selfishness not to pass on these talents to my future offspring. Wahaha.

Now, I’m all grown up and I am surrounded by different successful women around me. It’s amazing how they made it through the years and I look up to them for inspiration. So here’s a salute to each and every one of us who continues to struggle amidst mood swings, dysmenorrhea, migraines, depression and everything. :) We'd rather bear all of them than not being a girl/lady/woman at all.

And for those guys who insisted on reading, I hope this paves the way for a better understanding of us women. Coz sometimes, we really are just going through a lot. ;)


Lissy said...

Hahaha... there's way too many jerks lurking around that it's so damn hard to find some nice guy (and it wouldn't hurt if he's a cutie with nice family and all) who'd understand us.. *sigh* too bad guys aren't born psychics... Oh well... cheers to womanhood! =)

kCNeSs said...

well, well, well..look who's here..hahaha!!!

so tlgang ang comment is about guys ha? hahaha..ok lng yan, stay positive.. :P

Anonymous said...

Deng, I can't believe you just blogged about being in your period.. No let me rephrase it.. I can't believe I actually read your blog, about being on your period lol.

At least this will give you an excuse for being bipolar towards your friends and coworkers.. It almost makes it seem worth it lol.


kCNeSs said...

hahaha!! Hey, I did put a warning saying it's not for guys!! Hahaha!!