Monday, April 14, 2008

KR Travelogue Day5c: The Thrilling Rides :P

Man, if there’s one vital information that I need here it would have to be this: Everland is situated on top of the mountains. WHY?? Why didn’t the folks back tell me about this? I stepped out of the bus stupidly insisting on not wearing my thermal on. First of all I didn’t know how I would stuff the two piece of clothing in my mini bag; second, I didn’t want to miss on anything while I’m on the comfort room removing this layers of clothing that I already have and lastly, someone told me that when you’re excited it will keep your body warm. Right! I am very much excited but here I am shivering whenever a strong wind blows that makes me almost want to sit to the ground and just hug myself. I’m such a deluded moron!!

Actually, things were fine in the beginning. It’s almost lunchtime when we arrived and the sun is in its hottest ever. After receiving the tickets and instructed to return at 5 PM, everybody went in and made their own way inside. The China girls after having a photo-op with them outside already disappeared as well as with the not so outgoing others. In the end, there’s only one big group that remained and it’s the merging of the other 3 continents: Euroasiamerica. Samuel, is in there, to my delight. Haha!! Here’s a group shot prior further discovering Everland (with Massimo’s hands now felt on my waist, bah!)

with China girls; Eurasiamerica

After the shoots, the group was again filtered when Lawrence and Dien vanished. Time for the rides!! Here’s the first one: Skyway. Okay, this is really just a light ride maybe the reason why the others ditched us, hehe.

Vishwas, Aditya and Ali; Esther, Nilce and I; Massy, Samuel and Marlow
Next, is the Rotating House. It’s another less-thrilling ride (hehe) that gives you an imagination that the world is turning upside down. In the queue before you enter, you will hear some scaring words of a monster with some eerie statues and odd frames in the darkened room. Here’s a shot prior entering:

oooh, we're scared. :P
Two realizations in this picture: Massimo doesn’t really look bad at all. He has very beautiful eyes, agree? But still it doesn’t give him the permission to be touchy like that (just making it clear). Second, Samuel has this thing for posing like he’s some kind of a pro. Hmm, I like it. Haha!! And have I mentioned that he’s too cute in that? Haha!!

Third: Safari World. I don’t know why the other kind of open bus where tigers can attack you is not available that time. Due to the cold, all I ever cared was just to get in and be heated. And yeah it sure looks like I’m going to miss a lot of fun here. Nevertheless, it was my first time to see a bear. He’s a trained one, so adorable!! :) I asked the same two to do a crouching tiger pose before the ride, hehe.

crouching tiger; and the bear bakkum

Okay, if I’m not going to make it on the entire day then I have to find this skiing area where I so dressed appropriately for: the Holland village. And how up building it is to know that it is undergoing reconstruction and will be opened on March 2008? *sigh*

the closed skiing area

Good thing someone suggested to have a lunch first. We found this nearest burger store and went in. Oh dear you just don’t know how much I hoped to share a table with him. It’s only a Thursday and yet Everland is filled with kids and tourists alike. From a sea of diners, I was able to spot him alone in a table as Esther, Nilce and Marlow sat in another far table. Yes! I thought triumphantly. :D He asked Ali (who sat beside me) to take a picture of him eating his burger. Well I know it’s Ali he asked but still, I couldn’t resist taking a pic from my own camera. His charm was hypnotic.

eating his burger

Next destination, the Choo-choo train. Okay, I’ve been to Enchanted Kingdom before and I’m up for all the exhilarating rides but I guess this one would be a good follow-up after lunch. Hehe. It would tour you around a white Christmas set-up in Everland with some artificial snow flying that initially made me believe they were real. Phhbt!!

Seven of us took the ride and each row on the train is a two-seater. With the 5th seat occupied by Esther, I took on the last. Honestly, I was expecting him choosing the seat beside Esther so they can talk in their language but instead he sat beside me. Change that: He CHOSE ME!! Holy moly, holy moly, holy moly. I couldn’t believe it might actually be happening. In my irrational moment such as this, I allowed myself to acknowledge that this man admired me, though I never for a second imagined I could spark any real electricity in him. At this point, my heart was pounding so hard. I actually peered inside my coat to see if it was visible through my sweater. :P

Stop it, KC, I told myself. You’re acting like a schoolgirl. You’re having a crush on this man whom you don’t know anything of. You’re a grown woman.

Right, I am. I distracted myself by taking pictures of the scene we’re about to see but before that I’ve got to take evidence that he really chose me. Wahaha!!

choo-choo train beside him, hihi

After stepping out of the train, we came across a Burger King store. Massimo, feeling sorry for not eating on his favorite fast food, he exclaimed:

“Aaaaahhhh, Booooooooorger King!” Nothing special, I just loved the accent. Hihi!

Further walking we came across this colorful parade of big cakes and trains with Everland characters in mascot in them accompanied by lively music and dancing much to the delight of the children around. We stood there for a while watching and taking pictures. Being the keen observer that I am, I noticed that one of the male dancers has this certain grace in his bends and movements that's so typical of any gay dancers. Haha!! Trying to naughty up a bit, I waited for the time when the dancer would approach us. When he looked at us, I pointed Samuel to him. Wahaha!!

His face creased into a smile. Once again that smile has caught me off guard. I suddenly noticed that when he smiles, he has a dimple in his right cheek. And I have to give credit where it was due: a very good dentistry.

God, I’ll give everything and anything to see that smile again!! Or, more importantly, I’ll give just about anything to be the reason of that smile. Yay!! Hahaha!!

the big cake with Everland mascots on top


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