Thursday, April 10, 2008

Dancing, I Lurve!!

So, it’s been a month now. And I can’t see any changes yet, hahaha!! It all started when Lisa and I were chatting one afternoon when all of a sudden she had to leave.

Lisa: Cge gurl later na lng mg-ggym lng ako.

I was flabbergasted. Huh? What? Lisa, GYM?? Since when?? What’s happening to the world? Are they moving on without me? Wahaha. I can be exaggerated sometimes. Haha!!

And from there started a “lifestyle” commitment. Gosh, I really have to make it happen if they’re extorting that amount in my CC. It has got to be worth it. Tytana, a gym denizen, must be choking on whatever she’s eating right now upon hearing this. She’s been convincing me for the longest time and too bad I wasn’t able to bond with her when she was still here. :(

Truth be told, it was already listed as one of the must-happens this year along with other self-improvement plans. I was just hesitating for the first two-months testing if I could still do it the “mano-mano” way. I wish some of my friends would cajole me into something like “Ano? Hindi ka pa ng-ggym sa lagay na yan?” Wehehe. (Now why am I thinking about Kuya Choi in this mental conversation?) But frankly, I don’t think I would believe it anymore. I hate the body I'm seeing whenever I stare in the mirror. And I hate it all the more when some of my clothes won’t fit the way it should be.

So much for the introduction, one of the things I love here are the group exercises. I didn’t expect that I will be reunited with one of my first loves, dancing!! Oh, please don’t be misled. When I say I love it, doesn’t really follow that I’m good at it. Actually, the ones that I would love to be with in these dance classes are my friends: Xiela and Venus – they’re the best when it comes to this craft. Ű

During my first class, I was positioned at the back, comically laughing at myself for all the wrong and late moves I was doing. Haha!! Something like, we’re supposed to turn around and I was late to pick it up and everybody’s facing me already or we’re supposed to do it on the right hand first and I will do it on my left. Toink! Haha!! And a realization dawns: “Langya, kala ko uubra na dito ang pagiling giling ko sa Emba. Hahaha!!” So you can just imagine how flustered I was when after a break, I found out that those guys working on with the weights are watching the classes. Gosh, I can’t stare at them. Haha!! But now, not anymore, na-ah, I’m starting to get the hang of it.

And since we just touched a topic about guys – I hate it when hunky trainers smile at you and approach you suavely but you have to expect that they mean business as usual. Hmph! Haha! When I first went to that club, I was accompanied by my friends/teammates Angela and Joy. I didn’t expect that there must be a long interview before the whole sign-up thing so I had to add a little levity to my answers during the interrogation after the tour.

Interviewer: So, what’s one of your motivations for joining blah blah blah?
KC: Uhmmm, swimsuit? *Laughs*
Interviewer jots it down.
Interviewer: And what do you think are the things you will enjoy here the most?
KC: Uhmmm, boys? *Laughs*
Interviewer jots it down.

What’s even more ludicrous in here is that the interviewer writes them down as though those are really "enough" grounds for you to enroll yourself in the gym. Of course, I wouldn’t think of those as my valid reasons for joining. Boys, swimsuit, duh? (Now, why do I find it hard to believe my words? Haha! Ok, so maybe partly. :P) But the real reason is that before when I prolong my legs or arms in a certain position, I would find them hard and painful to retract. Now I find it delightful whenever I hear my knuckles or joints crack on just any minor movement or stretching, haha!! Another thing is that I’m fretting on these surfacing greenish veins at the back of my knees. No, they can’t break out yet. I haven’t even been gone to pregnancy yet and what about my precious platforms, pumps and wedges? No, I can’t give them up. Now why do I sound like Mrs. Beckham in here? Well at least now I know that blood circulation in my legs is okay with regular exercise and I can continue wearing however deadly heels I may have. :P And of course the ultimate reason is to stay healthy. Gosh, with all the inflation right now, this multivitamins slogan proves to be true: "Mahirap magkasakit!"

So another thing I love about this new “religion” of mine is that I can finally wear my favorite athletic outfits. Wahaha!! For those who are not yet familiar, my friend Mike once gave me this award before “Best Tennis Outfit in a Badminton Court”. Now he can change the last two words to suit where I am going. Wahaha. Loves it, really!! But still, I’m quite challenged seeing these mid-forty women baring their abs in midriff tops. Oh my gosh, so embarrassing to get near them. But just wait, give me few more time and I can do it as well. Just wait and see. Wahaha!! Kidding. :P

The club offered some free guest entrance upon registration and I was able to invite my Kuya. He’s going through some problems right now and I was glad to offer some unwinding time for him. Come to think of it, that was ours first ever bonding moment as adults. Well, the invite was actually symbiotic as I got to be treated for a dinner after. Wehehe.

And that’s about it for my new addiction. Some folks back in the office are actually observing my development (as though I’m some Fit n Right contestant in a TV, duh?). Haha!! And if they signed up after, then Fitness First should bloody well give me a commission for it. Wahaha.

With all the reading, writing, work and gym right now, you bet I’m so busy. I don’t have time for guys! And you all know it's supposed to be a joke! Wahaha!! :D

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