Sunday, April 06, 2008

2 in 1 Post: Party at Dolce and McDo Boy Lem =)

My company and my favorite radio station RX 93.1 teamed up for this bash in Dolce. That was really great!! I arrived there with my Korean counterparts. Remember David from my KR Travelogue? He’s been here for a month now and I deemed it righteous to return the warm welcome he gave me (actually us Asians) when we were in his country last December. For the first few hours I was with them acting like a pro and giving them tips on how to approach a girl nicely. Hehehe.

Then there’s also the presence of my brother (McDo Boy, haha!) and very pretty girlfriend, my sistah Chek. Ü Too bad, girlfriend Lisa wasn’t around. You better make up to me next time. ;-)

Things were going great with us enjoying on the corner except for the meeting a guy part. Well, the only thing I can say is that : I may dress sexy and all but sorry I’m not the girl you think I am.

Red carpet and backdrop pics courtesy of Kuya Manny our company's official photographer: Ü

with David

backdrop pic

red carpet
Here are the ones from my camera:

me and Chek

Lem, me and Chek

McDo Boy

"Cheeseburger ka naman. Burger, burger, burger!!!" :D Have you seen the TVC? I like the concept. :) I glued myself infront of the TV (actually its the whole family ;) and patiently waited for it as soon as someone informed us that it's being aired already. What can I say? His acting was effortless. That's really his makulit and funny self.Ü I wonder how many burgers he consumed this time? His last Chowking endorsement, he ate up about 10 pcs of Lumpiang Shanghai in between takes. Oops, too much revelation. Haha!! I actually believe this thing that big time celebrity endorsers do not really eat whatever food it is during the shoot, but nope - it doesn't apply to him. Wahaha!! In the house, I end up using the same lines so he would treat me for a burger also. Not effective. Hmph! Wehehe. Sigh, cuando cuando cuando? Hehe. Here are some shots taken during the shoots:

Tucked-in scene:

Scrumptious portion:

The "Bangs" concept, hehe..Not aired yet. I'm such a spoiler. :P

I likey very muchy. Stick around for his Master Eskinol lead TVC. Ü Ü Ü

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