Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I Shall Return

April 10 marks my 1st year in my current company but guess where I was? Haha!! I was back in my old company taking care of my unclaimed documents for some government filing that is due this week. Actually, it doesn’t really feel like it has been a year. Only when there were some changes on how do I commute there did the truth sank in.

Lisa and I met in the nearest McDonalds in the company. Hmm, I just don’t know what her official business is. Hahaha. Kiddin’. I guess ‘tis one of the perks of being single and available – always there for your friends. Which reminded me; in my almost 4 working years I haven’t really consumed a leave just to have a date with a guy. :(

The first thing we did when we get there was to take a picture with the landmark. That’s so yucky of us feeling like we reached a different branch of our previous company. Haha!! Anyways, I don’t remember having a photo here before even with the previous logo like some of the groups did before it was replaced with the new one. So there!!

intel landmark

In the lobby, I already met some familiar faces who were shocked with our presence. After exchanging some his and hellos, I’m pleased. At that early, I already got the reactions I was fishing for. :P I can already go home. Hahaha!!

Gingerly, we made it through the mezzanine straight to the engineering area H9 (thanks to Xtian, Ado and Melo our escorts from Burn-In :P) and it was very hard not to pass by my crush’ area first who’s somewhere in pole B. Gosh, there’s no denying that I missed him. I just remembered I composed something for him posted in here. *blushes*

I wasn’t surprised though when much of the people I wanted to see weren’t in their respective cubes when I arrived (considering it’s almost lunchtime). I was informed once that a Process and Equipment Engineer must devote 90% of his time in the production floor and 10% only in their workstations. :P Now you figure out why I resigned, coz it’s supposed to be 90% events. Wahaha, kidding.

But of course, there are my teammates (remember my Intel memoirs
here?): my ever-astute blog reader Sam and the same old folks that are as ever busy with meetings, presentations, data crunching and everything. :) (except for the former whose laptop is being repaired, haha!) Goodness!! My cube – legendary for its untidiness – has been transformed. Wow, I can’t recognize it anymore. Haha!! The new owner has been keeping it simple and clean. Ok, I’m not really proud of this but let me show you how it was like before. :P Really, this is an indisputable proof of how hardworking I was. Wahaha!!

I never had so much time to talk with the guys because my foster parents (Burn-In group) were already raring to go to lunch. :P One of the must-happens for today is the Tagaytay lunch-out. I super duper missed it already. But before that, another bullet in my agenda: the cafeteria ramp. :P

This cafeteria hallway had been my “catwalk” for two and a half years. I didn’t mean for it to be like that. Is it supposed to be my fault if all 5’7” of me + 2 inch heels walks and a few turns? :P Giants are extinct these days. Hahaha!! But today isn’t the same as before. The canteen that was once filled with hubbub at the peak time of 12 PM is now very serene. I can say that the place is almost empty even considering the fact that it is a “lunch-out payday”. I know that mixed emotions are running through the employees with the news delivered a week before, but it was desolation that I noticed mostly prevailed in their eyes. :(

About 20 mins after, we are already in Josephine’s Tagaytay. Aaaah, it’s been a long while. J Wow, I think ‘tis my 2nd time in this restaurant coz we often hunt Yellow Cab and Starbucks but who am I to resist another treat? Haha! Special thanks to Ado for the scrumptious Kare-kare, Paella, Crispy Pata, Lechon, Seafood Soup, Strawberry shake and the Ube Macapuno dessert. YUM!! Patay ang work-out, haha!!

our strawberry shakes

Would you believe that in the 2 and half years that I’m dining here at least once a month, I never had a picture with the spectacular view? It was one of the places I took for granted assuming that I will be here forever. So there we were, wasting our films with the digicam, hehe.

wasting shots :P

As usual, about 2 hours are needed if you’re going to have lunch here. :P Back in the office at around 2:30 PM, I was rocked with different rumors that I am working in Singapore, I work for this company blah blah blah. Sigh, ‘tis really the price you pay for being famous. Wahaha, kiddin’. But still nothing beats the comments, I looked better and that I lost weight. Woohoo!!!

I only have few minutes left so I chased after those friends of mine whom I haven’t met yet and gave them all an impetuous hug each. :) Here they are my batchmates at Intel. I was also delighted to see the banner where I was once featured still hung up in the mezzanine area. :)

Moi, Allen and Daisy

look for me :P

The last agenda would be for the coffee break with Sam for a cozy tete a tete. We used to do this before when we discuss about love issues; my disparaging love problems to be exact. :D Not that I am still in a dilemma right now. Hmm, am I? And how disappointed was Sam to know about the same turd? :P Probably he will discuss in one of the comments here, haha!! Like what Sam said, the old days still rock! Hihi. Really dear, so sorry if it our kaffeeklatsch was cut short, Lisa and I will make it up to you next time. Thanks for the coffee. Mwah! Btw, you also looked better. :P

Sam, Moi and Lisa

My sentiments on the news will be probably on another post. I hope I will be able to return here before December. *sigh*

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