Thursday, April 17, 2008

Samsung Mobile Roadshow

Imagine a mobile for every lifestyle. Whether you are a fashionista looking for a very stylish accessory, a businessman that needs to get in touch with your transactions, a techie savvy on the prowl for anything latest, a music hippie that’s all for entertainment or just a basic phone user – we’ve got the phone for YOU!!! With Samsung, it’s not that hard to imagine. ;)

Wow! With that intro I think I can do the spiel the models had been saying in the event last Monday. Haha! It was the ostentatious Samsung Roadshow held in Mandarin Hotel – a fabulous showcase of upcoming phones of Samsung for 2008.

‘Twas my first time to attend such a roadshow. A week before that, everybody’s in a panic on the said event and I was wondering why thinking that it will be just like another launch or something like that. I just learned the fabulousness of it all when I was informed that there will be a budget for the dress!! BUDGET FOR A DRESS – this is such a mellifluous music to my ears. Hahaha!!! So this is my little dress story: Hihi.

But of course -I being a Mango dweller- knew already what dress I would go for. I’ve been hankering for a Maxi dress ever since I fitted one last year but haven’t really got the excuse to buy one. I’m talking ‘bout the one Penelope Cruz has been flaunting in all the fashion magazines. When I actually checked the price – oh wow, it was twice what an ordinary dress would cost in that shop. Out of budget. :( But I was glad I was able to fit it though. Haha!! I instantly felt like a film star once upon that dress. :D Call me a lunatic for taking a picture in the dressing room, I don’t give a damn. :P

Good thing, as in real good thing, I found this LBD that again I’ve been craving when I went to SG last February. It was finally available here in the Phils. :D Double good in the sense that I didn’t give in to that when I was still in Vivo City. See? I have fantastic willpower! Haha!!

Another thing, Maxi dress is really out coz we have to dress up corporately. Said LBD can be dressed up or down to whatever occasion can you believe it? Haha!! Take for example - just plain or under a tank top like what I was wearing that time, slip on a cardigan, so many ways to do it! Fab!!

Actually, I wasn’t informed about the whole brouhaha. I arrived around 4 PM not knowing that there was a press conference in the morning. There I was rocked with the fact that it’s time for the gala and everybody was asking me to just remove the shirt to dress appropriately for the night. With a little make-up and a ‘do here and there, there I was ready to rock the night. Haha!!

my supposed to be corp attire - posing in the gallery

with unprepared accessories :P

Dinner after the gallery tour:

(a) with Sir Jay and Sir Rommel; (b) De Moi; (c) guest performer the Divine Diva Zsa Zsa Padilla
(d) with junior engineers Fred, Joy and Angela; (e) officemates Joy, Em and Ms Lyn

Pardon the vanity but I just really love how I was made up and everybody liked it too. Thanks to Eric our make-up artist. Too bad I wasn't able to ask for some tips as there was a long queue after me.

So we'll discuss the phones in the future. Hahaha!!! :D


Anonymous said...

WOW great new phones by Samsung.. **whistles err ** hehe.

You know.. with the amount of money you've been spending on clothes, you could feed a family of 10 out in Batangas.
They've created this new invention called a washing machine. Deng, you should seriously use one, so you wouldn't have to buy a new outfit every week.

jokes lang :D

Anonymous said...


how's it been? i was thinking of emailing you this morning.

anyways, haha! i told u we had a budget but of course I will use it. haha!! and you saw the dress, i can definitely style it up to be used for other events okay? haha

nagsalita ang hindi bumibili ng damit every week..haha!!


Anonymous said...

mabuti lang.. I just got back from NYC, and Vegas. Lost a lot of money :(

Wait wait.. work pays for your clothes? damn I'd buy the whole Diesel store.

btw got some new kick ass lamp, and bar stools.

Wil :D

Anonymous said...

Easy,'s not that big to buy the whole store noh! Hehe..

Ah yeah ur in travel pala that's why I can't find you online. I thought it was just me coz DSL connection was cut FOR GOOD here in the office. :(

Tell me stories in my email. :)