Monday, April 21, 2008

KR Travelogue Day 5d: Hey Jealousy

The front row of the boat still has one more space in it. Samuel first sat on it while the others settled themselves on the second, third and fourth row. This attraction will take us into a cultural world tour with dancing dolls in folk clothes. There I was in a shilly-shally if I will take the front or the other seats. I recalled the scene earlier in the train. Surely, if that choice was somehow a hint of by any remote chance of him liking me then I’ve got to return the favor, isn’t it? After two ticks, I resolved to sit beside him.

“Okay, I’ll sit here so I can take pictures.”

Geese, did I really have to say that? Yet, true to my word, I asked the guys to pose when their countries are passed by so I can take pictures. Again, I’m not proud of this ride but somehow it will be beneficial to us since we’re an intercontinental group. Yup, this will help us know each other better. Wahaha!! I already took pics of Ali, Massy and Samuel but I didn’t find Philippines. Hmm, there must be some sort of discrimination here.

dolls in action; Massy's country; us in the boat and Samuel's dolls

Finally, they decided to take on some thrilling rides!! The Dragon coaster is just a mini-coaster but this can already be considered as a nice appetizer for the exciting ones later. Each row is a two-seater and Marlow didn’t join us. That leaves the six of us occupying the three rows. I don’t know how I was doubled over but Samuel and Nilce were seated together. It must be the queue arrangement. It’s early but already I can feel a slight tingle of threat. Nilce’s the only girl in the conference I hoped Samuel wouldn’t get near to. I took the ride beside Esther.

Esther and I - in action :P

Not that I don’t like Esther or anything. Oh, here’s one trivia. I already told you how Nilce and Esther are a twosome – in the classroom, bus and dinner. But today’s different. Marlow’s been joining the group because of Nilce and I can safely assume that there’s a mutual understanding going on between them. It’s probably the reason why Esther’s been more inclined to me today.

After that I was ready for more of the exhilarating ones. But here’s one thing I learned – the guys (Samuel not included) aren’t up for the challenge. Duh??!!?? They should be ashamed to us three women who are with them!! Massy and Marlow were left behind as we made it to the long line of Magic Swing. It’s one huge circular platform that can accommodate around fifty persons that doesn’t only rotate on it’s own but swings up to 30º.

on queue

It’s frustrating to learn that the two of them maybe seated beside each other again. So as not to dwell on it, I went on observing the long queue of Koreans infront of us – most of which are girls. I can tell from their faces that they’re just in the age bracket of 15-20 but goodness!! Their fashion sense – so amazing!!! My gimlet eye registering the infinitesimal rise and fall of all things trendy took in these developments. It’s mind-blowing how they can mix and match different items. I could also see some in just plain shorts or in flip-flops that has once again caught me in the throes of “Goodness, how they can take the weather in those clothes???” However, seeing those wasn’t able to take away that niggling feeling in my stomach.

As expected they sat together. Although there’s still a space beside him – I preferred not to. This ride will probably have me in my best “wa-poise” moments and I don’t want him to see that. True enough; the adventure had me shrieking at the top of my lungs everytime the platform swings back.

I felt queasy after the ride. It must be the direct exposure to sunlight mixed with the cold and the continuous spinning also the fact that I’ve just taken lunch (or could it be the hurt seeing the two of them getting close???). Everybody was asking if I’m okay. I excused myself to the ladies’ room just to get a hold of myself. When I came back, Samuel was already talking about the next ride. He really seems to be the adventurous type.

Further walking led us infront of the Rolling X-train. According to my cheat sheet – it is a mega-fast roller coaster whipping around a spiral course with two complete 360º revolution. The 3 guys already gave up and also myself, almost. Coz when I saw Nilce and Samuel walking up, I decided to join them. Esther tagged along. With my state that time, I wasn’t sure if I ca take it. I just don’t want to let the two of them alone. :P

to the rolling x-train

Thoughts are circulating round my head. I tried to recall the past if there was any hint of him liking her but I have absolutely zero recollection – the span of time here involves since I clapped eyes on him which was just yesterday!! And if he does – WHY??!!?? Knowing that there’s something going on between Nilce and Marlow – why enter the picture?? Except, if Nilce showed any sign of liking him which is not possible given with his good looks!! Aaaargghhh!!! An even horrendous thought gripped me. To be honest I’ve been dismissing this fact but it’s pushing it way forward in my brain. Well, Nilce is a Brazilian and I don’t want to think about her that way given that she’s nice to me and everything but – it’s already a general impression on them. And of course Samuel - in all his drop-dead gorgeous looks - is still a MAN from the liberal country of Europe!! Oh no!!!

Samuel tried to join her in the queue for the two-seater but she denied him. That’s when my positive opinion of her crystallized infront of my very eyes. But when she realized it’s a two-seater Samuel joined her again after seeing Esther and I already set on the next 2-seater queue. *sigh*

I gave the ride a blind and deaf treatment. I closed my eyes and didn’t scream the whole time. It’s the only way to do if I don’t want to throw up. That, I decided, would be my last ride for the day. My ensemble – which I believed to be the well-rehearsed – has been found to be supremely inadequate for the December weather. What a moron!!

We walked towards the next exhilarating ride and waited. When I found the heater nearby not working, I made my way inside the nearest fast-food to warm myself. I stayed there mulling over the things that transpired today. Everything were okay for the first half…..I tried to conjure up the happiness I felt when I first met him but I can’t. All I can feel is a burst of impotent frustration for him knocking a hole in my life and opening the ay to let anticipation come creeping in. How dramatic, haha!! Shortly, Ali came and fetched me. It’s about time to leave. Before heading back the bus, Ali, Esther and I stopped by the shop and wandered around.

posing by the differenet merchandise

bonding with Ali - it's his last day

Back in the bus, I asked for a paracetamol from Ali to relieve my headache – I just wanted to forget everything today and have a good sleep. :(


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