Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Where The Magic Begins

Who wouldn’t resist a treat? I wouldn’t. Hehe. It’s a Smart FAMILY affair (stress family in there, hehe) and Lisa tagged me and Mike along. Not that Enchanted Kingdom is too exciting to be revisited but of course it’s the fun of being with my friends who I remember were also the same persons I’m with the last time I was here. :P

Actually, I have silent protests on the 7:30 AM call time. Goodness!! I was so deprived of my usual half-day sleep on a Saturday. Laguna had been my second home for the last 2 years and I know that the ongoing SLEX construction is neither that worse to give that much leeway nor EK is that huge with a lot of rides to actually start the day VERY early. I thought of going there straight myself a bit late but I can’t waste the precious time of being with them in the 1.5 hr ride – which in actual was spent sleeping in the company provided bus. Haha!!

Hoorah for me to actually make it in time!! Thanks to the taxi even if I swore I’m going to find my way around Makati without its help. :P I didn’t make it in time for breakfast but there’s the two of my best buds who sooo not planned to be both in white – and I’m in black - waiting for me. Mike instantly inspected my outfit so as not to have a repeat of my mishap last time – which was arriving in stilettos (that was one big fashion faux pas I must admit) - but of course I’m in my ever-comfy flip-flops. :P

After some pearl shakes, off we went to our first light ride. I don’t remember us being in here the last time. This is where us fussy Intellites listened to the safety instructions and came up with our word of the day – Gondola. As far as we all know, it meant boats or something like that. I Wiki’ed it up yesterday and yes, it’s a boat from Venetia – there's this thing called Gondola lifts but those resembled a cable car. Hmmmm...Oh please, we're not Bibbo kids.

(i) in the bus (ii) in the gondola lift

Success – is how I will define our next ride. Hehe. I couldn’t believe how worried I was the whole time we were lined up for the Dodgem. I’ve been thinking of just taking the passenger seat with either of them, yuck!! Haha!! I don’t know – I just wasn’t comfortable with a lot of people staring at you and I’m scared if my little car just won’t work right or if I get stuck or if I can’t steer – I have stage fright. Haha!! Flying fiesta – who would forget and ignore the safety instructions here??? :D

Memories from the past. Our last ride in Anchors Away which was for Intel Christmas Party Dec 2005 – Lisa and I saw a co-employee seated somewhere in the middle and while we’re swinging to and fro- we were discussing some juicy rumors about her. Hahaha!! Here’s our pic on our first ride. Yes, we rode that 3 times which is quite expected if the main attraction Space Shuttle is undergoing maintenance – which we all termed in our common Intel jargon as “Annual PM”.

For lunch, we can’t help but recall the scene where Lisa walked out on us. Sorry girl, it has to be said. Haha!! Don’t worry your MIA last time was justified. The restaurant is indeed very nice with delectable servings. :) Our very appropriate topic for lunch was Mike’s ghost stories on his company's creepy building. :D There I was very eager to listen knowing very well that a quick flashback of it at night would very much send me buried under the bedsheets. Haha!! Below is a pic before attacking our Ice Cream Cake Tiramisu. Ü

Before and Now. To down the food we ate, we took the Wheel of Fate. Here’s our pic before and the recent one. Don’t we all look better now?? Btw, I would like to apologize for taking an international call that is so work-related. Sorry guys, I know the whole while I was in the phone but I just can’t ignore that. I know we’re already graduates on this but he was just asking for some information. Speaking of phones and work, I was flashing my D780 (Dual SIM) that time. :P

(i) Jeed, Moi, Mike and Lisa (ii) us before me taking the call, wehehe

Gimikeras - Now and Then :P

We all had our ranting moments and nothing beats a yummy treat such as this to beat the heat. I also saw my ex-crush which was probably the only justification for the dress rehearsal of ‘til 2 AM. No kid. :P

(i) ice cream treat (ii) 2nd Anchors Away ride

The last thing Mike need here who came straight from his night shift is to get wet. But Lisa was able to convince him to ride the Rio Grande (no Jungle Log Jam :p). I still remember, Mike was so upset about it last time and I was the one who got the lucky position but all hell broke loose on us when we rode the Jungle Log Jam and the rain started to pour. Betcha can tell the twist of fate this time. :P

after Jungle Log Jam

after Rio Grande

And some of our happy rides. :)

(i) mini coaster (ii) last Anchors Away

Anticipating a beach bonding with the same fellas. =)


Nivek said...

Looks like you had a great time. Too bad I couldn't come... I guess you have to make it California's Adventure next time :)

kCNeSs said...

thanks Kevin!! If you're flying me for free then I would love to come. =)

Tahn said...

EK is so much fun. I jut wish it is so far. but part of the fun i going there.

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