Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Wardrobe Update

Acknowledgements first above anything else, I'd like to thank my dear friend Sam for writing something about how I'm such a TH (trying hard) fashionista here. Hehe. Thanks Sam. :) As the title suggests, yes this is still part of the yes-I've-lots of clothes-I'm-going-to-be-a-wise-spender-this-year blah I mentioned last time. :) And to Wil again, don't ask me the WHY now as though spending too much is such a normal thing to do. Haha! Peace! :)

Break the Monotony

- This is inspired by VB aka Posh Spice. I once saw here sporting a black top, gray skirt and paired it with a red shoe (forgot the source though :C ). Although I don't like her that much. Imagine her saying she doesn't go to the gym coz she can't bring herself to wear flat shoes?? Duh??

cheap blouse from Korea, discounted skinny trousers (Maldita), shoes and bag (Charles n Keith)

cheap top DV, vest (SM dept store), overrun skinny jeans (Greenhills)


- I love this dress to pieces. Yep, that's right. Terms such as those that is supposed to be address to men are now applicable to clothing. :P Remember this from way back in SG? Instead of the black skinny, I paired it with ankle-length stockings. :)

dress and bag (Bayo), stockings (Maldita), pumps (so fab)

In Continuous Justification :P

- Yup, still experimenting a loooooooooot on this.

sleeveless top (Maldita), pants (Mango), sandals (CnK)

Color of the Year??

- What with the Edsa commemoration last Feb 25 and the NBN ZTE scandal, you would very well know what kind of reactions I gathered in the office, haha!! Cory, Edsa, Muse, everything! Muse?? Anyways, unlike the rest, I admit this is new. The dress is something both Joy and I bought 50% off the price in Vivo City on my last travel. Twins wear the same color right? ;) And the shoes, god! I so love VNC shoes in Malaysia, soooooo cheap. Please wait for my story on my latest trip. :)

Dress (Series, SG), Platforms (Vincci, MY), Bag (Bayo)

That's just about it for now. Fyi, I'm unabashedly posting my outfits here. ;)

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