Saturday, February 16, 2008

KR Travelogue Day3d: If You Wanna Be Famous

David took a look at me as I carefully positioned my hat on my head while walking. He mock questioned me if I bought the hat just for this trip. Biting back a retort that it’s for a fashionable cause, I just said yes. Of course, the hat (although I realized isn’t really necessary) matches my gloves that’s why. Hmmp!! He led us into what seemed like a parking lot outside the Samsung plant with xanthous leaves scattered on the floor and barren trees – such a lovely sight (and poor me without a camera) – and started opening his car.

Learning that it was a newly purchased one, Lawrence – a car enthusiast - started talking about the Samsung car he noticed in Korea. Yes, there is a Samsung car!! A branch of which is being passed by the bus every morning though I wasn’t able to take a good close look at it. And when Lawrence finally pointed one on the street, I couldn’t describe it still. Haha! I’m such a philistine when it comes to these things. You’re talking to a woman who notices a car through its color. I can bloody well point out my dream car of an old rose Honda Jazz in the streets. But to add to my mental dossier is a red muscled Mazda 3 – very sexy! As for everything else, I can’t tell the difference. Haha!! The rest of the time to the destination was spent talking about these boy toys. Aaargh, MEN!!

We parked in the 3rd level of K-Mart which I believe is one of the biggest department stores in Gumi-Si and then let ourselves in the shoe section. All guys turned to me and studied my face for any sparks on shopping but to be honest, department stores don’t really excite me much. I just went near some uggs (ugly boots) and checked their prices without any intent of buying.

Some few more steps and we were already in what seemed like a small canteen inside the department store that serves Japanese delicacies. It took me some time to decide what to have from the display with the prices being laid out. I just wanted to make sure that I’m having a reasonable meal coz we waited for David to withdraw some money from the ATM and I’m not that sure if the expenses would be reimbursable. This, aside from the fact that I’m not much a fan of Japanese foods.

Over their spicy noodles, Lawrence started discussing again about this story that is so done to death. I already heard it when the three of us (with Supachai the Thai) were inching the streets of Singapore, repeated to me in the bus on our way to Gumi-Si and now. I almost want to wave 3 fingers at him, ask him how many it is and tell him that’s the number of times I heard the story. Bad, haha!! Anyway, this story is about the restaurant that offers the seven levels of spicy soups in Thailand. He tried it and his tolerance made him reach only the third level. The catch is if you reach the 7th level, your meal will be considered free. Gee, I don’t want to imagine what kind of people could take it. I mean, I love spicy foods but I’m not up for the challenge. It’s hard to be operated for hemorrhoids; it’s the most painful surgical treatment one can ever suffer.

Again, I wasn’t able to finish mine. It’s such a shame for being the recipient of the treat but I’m sorry. I got carried away by how it was presented in the display. Before we left, David made us try his favorite yogurt drink in banana flavor to which I sipped with much delight. Yum!!

Though we already know that he needs to get back in the office, David still showed us what’s what on the floor. We also went up through the slanted walkalator (if that’s what you call it :P) to the appliances section where we took a look at our very own Samsung appliances (feeling our own, yay! Haha!). Of course, there’s the mobile phone (Anycall), the fridge, washing machine and the TVs with their respective monikers.

We also went two floors down and learned that it’s the ladies section. There were some trendy winter outfits but I gathered they’re too expensive yet not branded. We passed through the cosmetics section and from there evolved a new topic. It so happened that the endorser of K-Mart is Song Hye Kyo (Jenny of Full House) and from her sprung all other Korean dramas. Haha! Hey, did u watch this TV drama or who’s your fave actress blah blah blah. Imagine, a Filipino, a Vietnamese and a Malaysian (with the latter 2 being guys if I may emphasize) talks about Korean dramas!! And the weird thing is, David, the Korean himself, didn’t even have a single clue on all these? Why? Well, he hasn’t got much time to watch TV coz of work. How utterly surreal!! So I ended up advising him: “You know what David, if you wanna be famous, be a star in a TV series and the whole Asia will know you.” :P

At the sight of Kwon Sang Woo (Cholo of Stairway to Heaven) of the Face Shop, another round of talk opened up when Lawrence mentioned how his girlfriend is crazy for that guy. Of course, I won’t hold back my opinion that Raine is the hottest Korean actor for me. Haha!! David then talked to the saleslady and seemed to buy something. After 10 mins or so, he handed us these gifts from the said shop. We were all surprised coz we thought that he was just buying something for himself. Gifts were wrapped and he told us that it’s a handmade facial soap that he’s been using and wants us to try. He gave me the one for sensitive skin. That was a very sweet gesture!!

It’s now or never!! On our way back, I finally convinced the 2 guys to visit the temples near the Samsung factory. David, as expected, will go back to work. I decided against the coat and stockings only ensemble I tried on yesterday and just went with what I was wearing for the day but with the added effect of a pashmina.

Off went the three of us tracing the very same road that the bus is traipsing every morning. It was my idea to walk because it was just near and the two acquiesced to my suggestion. At least that’s what I thought. However, it seemed ludicrous coz the sight is not really that idyllic. But of course, it’s the countryside! There’s barely a sight of people walking on the highway side, the establishments we’re passing by were already closed and goodness! I don’t want to think what the passengers of the vehicles passing by the highway are thinking about us. Come on, it’s freaking cold!!!

I started to feel regret on this idea when after some 20 mins of walking (where we passed by LG plant and a hospital), Dien started to feel pain in his ears. We were already in the bridge that time and I urged him that it was already at the end of it but I was mistaken. ={

(a) tryin' to capture the smoke (b) the only plant we saw (c) Dien in pain in the highway
(d) turtle at each end of the bridge (e) Nakdonggang river (f) the street carpeted with leaves

When we were finally there, I was so disappointed to see that it’s already closed; there are no illuminations outside and it looks really eerie being right beside the river. I just loved the floor arrayed with fallen leaves so I took a photo.

told ya, it's scary

i'm scared ={

for whatever that means, hehe

We then went to have a close look on a similar structure that’s near to it and we discovered that it’s a tomb. For some reason, I felt something creepy on the sight. I just wanted to get away from it. After some photos, we hailed a chugging taxi on the highway and from there all the way to my room, my mind kept recalling all these Asian horror flicks that I’ve seen: the Ring trilogy, Shutter and all other scary films I could ever recall. I muttered my prayers before I slept and buried myself under the duvet. After a few mins, went out of it to block first my suitcase on the door (which I’ve been doing every night). Weird, isn’t it?? Under the duvet I somehow convinced myself that no, there are no Korean horror I’ve seen –they don’t have these kind of myths but only happy and funny love stories. Yup, that’s right. I closed my eyes and let my mind wonder to tralala land.


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