Monday, February 11, 2008

Press Conference - Manila Pen 2

Our events!!! I could never think of them without seeing them lit up in neon. Why not? Even a simple press conference such as the one held last Wednesday in Manila Pen was lavishly spent for. We’re featured in every stylish magazine you’ll ever know. That grandiose! Absobloodylutely fantabulous!

Last Wednesday was again about the launch of our 3 phones: D880 (Dual SIM), G800 (5 MP with Optical Zoom) and P520 (Armani phone). The concept was Garden of SINS (Stylized Innovations New from Samsung). I just don’t know what happened to the live snake. Haha! Our VP was looking for it. :) The first two launches were just so-so because really, the star of the night must be none other than the P520. There was a short ramp for the phone featuring PMAP Pro’s to honor the man of style himself: Giorgio Armani. And may I say, only PMAP does fashion show for Samsung! =) Everybody gasped in expectation during the raffle (using the apples) but to everybody’s dismay, it was awarded to the most stylish person of the evening. And no, it’s not me. Hahaha!! Didn’t they know? I’m already so over that. LOLS!

P520 ramp

For the daytime last Wednesday, I was actually wearing the one posted last Monday. It’s just that if work goes crazy in the day and I haven’t got much time to adorn myself, I can go straight to the event non-dishabille. But actually, I do have the clothes ready. Wahaha!! Like I said, I’ve lots of clothes. I must use it especially when I heard who’s hosting the event.

So, ready to know who?? It’s Marc Nelson of the Amazing Race!!! Oh my golly gosh, he’s sooooooo HOT!!!! I’m gonna die. I’m so gonna die. Hahaha!!

Marc Nelson

I can’t help but miss one person here. I wanna know how the master will act infront of her super duper crush. Haha!! Tytana, be green with envy! Hahaha!!

photo-op with Marc

Awww, this pic is so enough to make it through tomorrow. With all the love in the air, this is enough. *sniff* Yes, I’m gonna make it through!!

No more slouching from now on, thanks Mango for the dress. =)

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