Monday, February 11, 2008

Yes, I've Lots of Clothes

Scared that I might break my word, I didn’t write in here that one of my new year’s resolutions is to spend wisely on clothes. Yay! This pledge seemed clear after almost a month of December unable to sleep in my room coz of lack of space. Really! I actually have pictures but it’s too embarrassing to be shown here. Moving on, a review of expenditures on January revealed that money was spent only on items on sale: a mini skirt (for summer outings); 2 tops (a corp and smart casual); a satin dress (still on trend) and 2 Mango LBDs. Yup, heard it right! 2 Mango LBDs. But I can justify the splurge. (1) They’re 50% off, a STEAL!! (2) LBDs are forever, just like diamonds; and (3) I was down at that moment (something that has to do with my BFF). And it’s true when they say that it’s in those dark moments of the soul that makes the ceremonial rites of browsing and buying more meaningful. Gosh, I will never run out of reasonable excuses will I? ;)

This realization will be capped off by another unpleasant experience. Last year, when I had this forecast that high-waisted somethings would be a trend; I went to the mall and tried a high-waist skirt in Maldita, one of the shops I frequent for corp attire. What can I say? The skirt perfectly flattered my tall frame. However, I checked the price and it’s too extortionate for the type of cloth. (At times, I can be practical too you know ;) It was with a heavy heart that I let it go and decided to be in the watch and maybe check something from other brands. It would all be for the greater good.

Last month, I returned on the same outlet now with red bold letters SALE emblazoned infront. Half-hoping that the item was included on the 50% off tag (goodluck!), I went to that same rack where I left it before and it was still there, hanging prettily! =) The price is not reduced to half but still cut-off to certain amount. Ready to revive that glorious feeling with the skirt on, I hurriedly went to the fitting room. But something was wrong. I knew it the moment it rubbed its way up in my buttocks and the buttons! I couldn’t close the upper buttons!! I hurriedly swiveled my half body to check the size of the skirt and yes, it’s the largest one! The horror, the horror!! Oh no, it isn’t happening. I gained too much weight over the holidays. =(

Disconsolate, I returned the item, went home straight to the minefield of clothes – that is, my room. As I go through the quotidian process of clearing the bed just to have a space to sit on (imagine, just a bloody space to sit on!), I suddenly felt underneath something that’s quite hard for a cloth. I pulled it from the pile and I saw a black thing with laces infront. My mind working now, I excitedly pulled out some items that will go through it from the deep recesses of my wardrobe. When the items were complete, I started fitting the items giddily and produced something below, tada!!!!

The black skirt was purchased 3 years ago straight after college coz I thought it would be useful for interviews and the top was included on the recently bought items. They’re both from Maldita. Haha!! I was impressed with what I came up with. Such a flash of pure genius. :P Who needs new clothes when I can re-invent right?? Haha! The corset is truly doing the wonders! Just a few more experimentation and I will be convinced that this is the next best thing to my leggings – in my fashion diary of course. Ű So far, so good! Fully aware of my recidivism, I would be posting something like this once in a while. Especially now that sale season is over! Haha!!

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