Friday, February 08, 2008

Wedding Crashers - Manila Pen 1

Attending a wedding reception without knowing the bride and groom?? That's so unlikely of me, haha!! But Papa was invited of course. There were 2 seats reserved and the other one will be automatically for Mama. Then one relative can't come so they tagged Lem along. Realizing, I would go home alone after the church I asked (begged actually) my Mom for me to join them. Haha! That's basically the story, too bad Kuya wasn't there.

But it was good meeting relatives from Papa's mother side (my Lola whom I haven't met). They were the ones living in Davao and in the US. I was surprised to learn that one of Papa's cousin was the lawyer in the Subic rape case. Yay! I actually sulked at Papa for being so proud of Lem to his relatives. I mean, come on. He used to be prouder of me before. So since when did physical looks overcome the brains? Hmmp! Hehehe.. But I'm happy for my Papa coz he had the chance to meet his relatives..

Wait for Manila Pen Part 2.

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