Friday, February 08, 2008

KR Travelogue Day3c: Series of Conversations

An interesting accent was overheard during the question portion in the afternoon session. I turned around to see Jakub – his name still on his nametag clipped on his chest. Ooooohhh, so that’s how a Polish English sounds like huh? It’s really hard to describe it in words I wished it can just be spelled onomatopoetically like meow for what it is, that thing. On his very brief question (the only time I can look at him) I was able to take him in and he’s not that bad. Good-looking, more like. He resembled my former crush – cager Alex Compton. Broad shoulders and looks very formal in his suit. Looks like we’ve got crush #2 here, haha!! Hep, hep. Easy guys! I’m still practicing fidelity here ok? I’m having one per country, wahaha!!

In another break, I stood up and walked over the table at the back to have myself more Lotte chocolates when incidentally, someone is getting his shares of confections too.

“You must be Jacob.” Bolder this time huh? “Or is it Jakub? I’m sorry.” Smiles.


“Can I just call you Jacob? That would be easier for me.” Gosh, VIP???

“Yes, yes, you can. Whatever is easy for you.” Wow, I’m special indeed. Haha!!

“So what time is it in Poland now?” And there continued a small chit-chat.

Another plant visit is scheduled for in the afternoon. This time around is for the reliability tests of the phones. You know, like observing how the phone behaves under stress, pressure, shock, etcetera. In the on-off testing lab, Ronald (from Netherlands) and I were left in awe in the room. Starting with a repartee on how things were processed, I asked how tall he stands. Really curious. He’s 6’2”. Not Sixto the Filipino joke. =P

There were also some radio signals testing where I’ve seen a lot of oscilloscopes. Even if I used a lot of those in my labs before, I suppressed my questions and just snooped around. That was the end of Day 2 training.

Dien, Lawrence and I arrived in the bus late because we had a hard time looking for the engineers we know among the sea of office people in that same floor. After some small talks, we noticed that everybody has gone down and we were the only ones left. Inside the bus, I sat beside Jakub to continue our friendly conversation which I almost believed triggered a quite surprised look from Lawrence. Has he got problems with that? I'm not the one who first ditched a seatmate, isn't it?

Same set-up as yesterday, we waited in the gate for the engineers to pick us up for dinner. We could really get used to be trained here huh? Haha. Meanwhile, I talked to the almost inseparable Mexico and Brazil.

“Hi. Where did you guys eat yesterday?”

The shorter and stout woman (Mexico) replied that they had Korean dining also. When she started describing, that’s when I realized that Mexicans despite just being down America geographically aren’t that fluent in English.

“Oh, same as ours. I just forgot to ask the place. You’re Maria right?”

“No, Esther.” Shucks.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I just kept associating you with all these Mexican telenovelas being shown in our country.” Lame again but it’s really true, haha!

“And you must be Nilce.”

“Yes.” the Brazilian said. Isn’t she fluent also??

Shortly, the car that’s taking them arrived and I’m left to converse with Ali.

“You know what with all these kinds of testing, it’s hard to believe that we’re still finding bugs in our country.” Ali opened.

“You know what? That’s what I thought too! But let’s just take it in the positive side, shall we? At least we’ve got work to do.”

“Yeah, you’re right.”

Ali seemed to be a nice guy. Back in the training, he was raising some brilliant questions. I shouldn’t have thought that way about him.

At long last, David (same as yesterday) arrived. Only he this time and he led the 3 of us to his car for dinner.

By the looks of it, we have a Ms. Friendship here in the making. Please have my sash ready. =P


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