Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Sunkissed in Pagbilao: An Early Summer Escapade

This place will always hold a very special place in our hearts. It has been a yearly tradition of our college barkada to spend a summer escapade here. Last year was a little special because it’s the owner's (Bert) despedida. And with Bong’s homecoming, what better way to reunite the group than an outing here? The usual trip costs us 2 days but due to some current safety concerns on the place, we weren’t allowed to stay overnight. There were actually other suggestions on where he will treat us but really, we won’t trade it for anywhere else. A day spent here is worth than 2 days anywhere. Ű Here’s why.

Ok. Since I’m not that good in describing places artistically, I’ll let the pics speak for themselves. (Thank you inventor of camera!) A few words though, it’s an exclusive resort, not commercialized, cowboy living and the mountain and beach is very virgin. Heck, it can be Boracay 2. But before anything else, my outfit, nyahaha!

(a) Rihanna's copycat (where's the umbrella) (b) stopover with Mareng May-R

The morning trek (around 15 – 30 mins):

The beach area:

Nighttime views:

(Kevin, wil don't ask where again. I told you to come and visit the Phils :P)

I’m amazed at my own shots. I didn’t realize how breathtaking the views are specially how pic left down in the morning turned to pic left up at night. The last two times I’ve been here I didn’t see that. =P I’ll tell you why. Those times I was busy flirting with whoever my date is. Wahaha!! Ssshhh!! Honestly, there’s someone who’s raring to go. But then I decided to be alone this time and concentrate on my friends specially find the inner photographer in me. Even if it means without someone to assist me during trekking, serve me food, etc, it's fine. I realized that it’s really different when you’re alone. You see a lot, think a lot, and realize a lot!

And our main source of fun in the beach: Bong’s underwater cam. Wahaha!!

Loves it!!! Boy! Did you know how hard it was to get a decent shot underwater?? It’s already lunchtime and we didn’t care getting sunburned just as long as we achieve a nice one. For group shots, we bury ourselves under water but end up getting bubbles coz of endless laughter. Hahaha!! Oh Xiela dear, you missed the fun!! After a million tries, here's my best shot:

vain underwater (fixing my hair, wahaha!)

Other shots from Bong’s SLR, I’m loving it!!

Wit-wiw, trekking, hehe

under the tree

capturing the left side view

Bong's favorite subject :P

On the way home, I dropped my digicam for about 3 times, some calling for SLR replacement…Waaaahh!!! I can’t, I can’t! Too expensive! Sponsor please???? Haha!! And the ever-fun leaps, haha!

Joyce and me, our Charmee leap..hihi

leap-ers, hehe

group's best leap

with our sponsor, hehe (ganyan tlg kapag nanlibre) thanks bong! =)

Please allow me to be a little dramatic here. The original part of the barkada here is Bong and me. But that doesn’t make everyone else different. No, that’s not my point. It’s just amazing how that original group turned into such a huge one as this. Well, its huge, it’s just that most of them we’re already abroad and some other reasons. All I know is that what keeps this group together and still expanding is – a very nice camaraderie. Ű

And here’s the beach bum after the trip:

Tisay na tisay! hahaha! :P

More pics here, worth viewing!

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