Friday, February 01, 2008

KR Travelogue Day3b: The Director's Cut

With fingers crossed, I hope that lunch today will be with other continents. But it’s still the same. =( And there is Ms Guide again with her heartwarming smile at us. I truly regret how snobbish I was to her yesterday. I mean, it’s not her fault if she wears these really coveted trench coats, isn’t it? I asked Dien for her name and it’s Ms Kim. So, I asker her function and to my surprise, she’s also an engineer. See? I almost underestimated her. Tsk!

The lunch I had today is something like the pork tonkatsu in Tokyo Tokyo. It’s nice to have a Korean food break once in a while. :) Another thing that’s amazing in their dining system is that they’re not used to drinking water in the table. I mean, with all those spicy foods!!! When you’ve segregated your trays and all, you will find a long row of sink with faucets near the exit. It’s like your final stop. Today, there’s juice served in the center. Intrigued as to what kind of juices they drink here other than Bloody Soju, I had a glass and it tasted like………cinnamon! Delicious!

It was drizzling outside (I wished it was snow) but we insisted on going on with our routine of walking around just like yesterday. Umbrellas were provided for employees outside the building: the huge ones. The weather is as expected slightly colder and without my thermal on, I enjoyed it. Ű

Although forbidden, Aditya (India) suggested we have a group photo outside. He had his SGH-G800 (5 MP with optical zoom :P) with him. Ms Kim resisted because she worries she doesn’t look good on pictures but really, there’s no way out. Hehe.

Aditya, Moi, Ms Kim, Dien, Vishwas and Lawrence

Sine Aditya brought up the word photogenic, I told them the tale of how Filipinos are so playful with English words that we came up with “Talikod-genic” and other derivations of that. He found it very amusing.

Finally, I dealt with my “issues” with Ms. Kim, hehe. (1) The history of peace signs in posing – she doesn’t know. She was already doing it ever since she was a kid. And then finally the real biggie for me – the stockings. :P She reasoned out that they’re used to the weather so they can take it in those stockings. She even said that she used to wear those last year but now that she’s a year older decided to be mature on dressing up. Wow, impressive dressing philosophy! I don’t think I’ll ever apply something like that in my entire life. Haha!

At the back wall of the classroom is a printed material with the list of attendees and the country. I inspected it to see if I can identify the faces from the names or just the country and at the same time look for the name of US guy. The Asians of course, Mexico and Brazil – yup, Russians – u-huh, the ones in front of Lawrence and me, Ali – check, Samuel Gonzalez? – parang Pilipino lang ah – oh, Spanish; then bingo, US! But there are two names here – Sean and Jaemin. Maybe the other is the one he’s always with. Anyways, they’re both Koreans. In the training this morning, the Korean instructor asked them soemthing in Korean I overheard. Anyway, I do hope he’s Jaemin. I quite like that name.

Without my trench coat on, I felt as though someone is staring at me from behind. When I turned around – gotcha! In a chant: someone is staring, someone is staring. Hahaha! I won’t tell you whU’S it. Conceited! Hahaha!

This unexpected discovery gave me enough confidence to approach their table, the backmost. Of course, this is all in the name of my mission. Hehehe. He’s seated on the right and the other cute US guy is standing. The other guy stands about the same height as mine and looks really meek as a sheep. A little secret has got to be confessed here though. With the cute adjective means, yes, I find him charming also. Hahaha!! But let’ practice fidelity here all right? Hahaha!

“So, who among the two of you is Jaemin?” I enquired, overflowing with confidence.

I looked at my buffed crush but he pointed his finger to the one standing to the left. Oh, he’s Sean. No point stopping now, I barreled on.

“So, is Jaemin like a common name in Korea? Coz u know what, the overseas marketing in charge on the Philippines before was named Jaemin Park and the one who replaced him recently is named Jaemin also. And there was this one time, I e-mailed him and typed only his name in the To box and when the list popped out, I was like (with my left hand acting to indicate a long list), WHOA!!”

Jaemin look puzzled. And not long afterwards, me too as I did a double take on what I just coolly delivered pick-up line and how animated my face must've been.

Oh my god! Did I just say that???? Did I really really say that? Ewwwwwwww. That’s so kadiri! How awful! How embarrassing! If my girl friends would know about this, they could’ve yucked out on me too! God, please allow me to rewind this event.

“Yeah, I think its pretty common in Korea.” Sean said.

Oh, thank you! Thank you for that! I almost want to spread out my hands heavenward and to him for saving me in such a disgrace. Whew!

“ Is it?” Jaemin said. Oh no Jaemin, please don’t argue anymore. Mr. Muscle said it himself. Hihi.

Oh gosh, this is overly accomplishing my mission. I must go out now before I become a laughing stock. I swore to myself should there be a biography of my life, this, would not be mentioned in any articles, book or the movie adapted from it. Not even as an extra director’s cut featured on DVD. No movie star delusions here! And I'm not kidding coz it ain't funny. About to walk away now,

“So, is it your first time here in Korea?” Sean asked. OMG! OMG! Sean, in all his maangas, bad boy-ish and snobbish look, is opening up to me. It’s pretty obvious, I’m used to being unnoticed by my crushes. Control yourself.

“Yeah!” An octave higher. Sheeesh. “So, how is it being back here?”

He went on with a short tale of how his family moved to US when he was just seven. How he plans to visit his place before. “So yeah maybe we’re gonna look around.”

I was intently listening to him with only, I swear, the quickest glances at the way his shirt fit his arms. I struggled not to bite my lip. Yay!

“I see.”

“Since it's your first time here, I think you should visit Dong Dae Mun…………..” and went on recommending nice places and shopping centers. He speaks in this arrogant Johnny Depp way that makes me feel weak, I felt the ground wobbles beneath me. Really now, what is it with snobbish/arrogant type men?? Why do women fall (not in love but rather prey) to these types? Is that some kind of universal law of physics or something?

“Oh ok. Sure, thanks! I’ll take note of that.” Smiles. Hoping my cheeks aren't turning red.

I managed to get off them thankfully without further embarrassing myself or babbling again for too long or bursting into giggles. Actually, for someone like him who’s lived far too long from his real country, he’s considered to be a patriot for recommending a tourist for some nice places around. Not that I love patriotic men, but I’m enamored. Also, for a man like him to suggest shopping places for a girl like me, means he really understands what a girl is about. And really, for a guy like him to just sustain a conversation like that, it’s a super turn-on.

Gosh, I’m in trouble.


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