Thursday, January 31, 2008

KR Travelogue Day 3a: Mission Is Possible

What time is it? The hotel clock says it’s 4AM. That would be 3 AM in the Phils. I’ve been waking up at this time for 2 nights now as if something beckons. I buried myself under the duvet and went back to sleep.

2 hours later, I’m already getting ready for my Day 2 Training. After much contemplation, it hit me in the tub just how exaggeratedly I took the advices of my workmates. Hello? Put on 3 socks in your boots and apply petroleum jelly first, buy a thermal wear and all. Goodness!! It’s not like I’ll be out all the time neither do the buildings have the same freezing temperature as outside for you to be covered all the time! I mean, what are the air-conditioners for?? Heck, I could even sport this look below and just put on my black trench coat and gloves outside. How I miss that wedge and all of my sandals and flats I left back home. Now I’m stuck with these boots on!

In my defense though, I took the advices seriously ‘coz I wanna enjoy this trip to the fullest! That is, with snow anticipation. =P All I know is that I get cold easily I can’t even sleep at nights without a blanket on. My boss who came here a week before this training informed me that the temperature has dropped to 0°C before he left. What to expect?? And again, let’s not forget, “First time” excuse will always be valid.

Hence, it’s signed and sealed. With 5°C shivering cold outside, I’m going to chuck my thermal. LOL! And today is better day coz the boots match the coat. With black trousers on, I went for my shiny black tote.

Down at the bar, I’m impressed that Dien is early and is already dining with Lawrence in a table. Hehehe. Some of the class is already around and what better way to start my breakfast but with a nice appetizer. With that I didn’t mean the croissants, pancakes or whatever pastries that are served in the counter but rather – US guy and his taut muscles. Yummy! Hahaha!

I went ahead in the bus to sureseat on the same place as yesterday while Dien took the ones in front. Lawrence, arriving at last, has got me alarmed as to who will he choose between us. He sat beside Dien. Hmmp! Fine! Feigning pride, I thought “Good thing you didn’t sit here ‘coz this is meant for someone who’s interested in me.” Just by any remote chance, I’m hoping it would be US guy. Delegates arrived one by one and the seat is still empty until finally, the organizer – who I recognized was the one who praised me yesterday – counted us complete and signaled the driver to go. The bus left with me seated beside myself. =(

“Why? Why won’t they talk to me? Am I not friendly enough?” I though melodramatically as I hear chatters within the bus. After a few seconds of morosing, a flash bulb moment occurred. But of course! Of course they wouldn’t talk to me. Who would like to mingle with a nerdy girl, Ms Know-It-All? (Lame, haha, but that’s really what I thought.) A brilliant plan popped into my head, full-blown. I’m going to lie low in the training, get friendly and approach everybody if possible just to correct their notion about me. Very doable! When I dropped off the bus, I’m more than excited to start on my new mission. Haha!

On the way up, I benchmarked with Lawrence if he brought his phone. Same as mine, he didn’t. We were instructed yesterday to leave it for security purposes. But the others did! Poor blog, no pics fort he 2nd day. =(

Inside the classroom, time to remove the coats. I noticed Brazil, an aisle between us, is wearing another leather, I say leather, coat. My curiosity has been sparked as to how heavy her suitcase is. Must be really heavy. At first I balked on removing my coat. Aside from the fact that I’m baring my arms – which you know isn’t really that shapely- in the class, I know that the top is wickedly body-hugging. But rather having me sweating for hours like yesterday, might as well remove it. There! Today as part of the plan is a lie-low day on training. I wil just intently listen.

Breaktime! =) Perfect time to accomplish my mission. But not yet, not just yet. I’ve got to take care of some online transactions, particularly on my CC. Hihi. I already computed how much my hotel expenses would amount to and I’ve got to make sure I have leeway for you know, shopping! Haha. It would be a crime not to! Upon surfing, I saw US guy passed by the hallway and that’s it. I can’t take it anymore! I’ve got to let this out. No, not the one you release in the comfort room haha! I’ve got to tell someone just how hot US guy is. No YM here, so no choice. However inflectionless IM can be, I logged on to our company messenger and bingo! Tytana is online.

Tytana, as you all know, is my partner-in-crime in the office when it comes to boy-stalking. We alternately take the roles of perpetrator and abettor. Haha!! Though the former is most of the time, me. Hehe. (Gurl todo exposure na to, may bayad na. Haha!) I have to tell her about this Ga – and because calling him a god would be a blasphemy – let’s just refer to him as Adonis. Hehehe. As expected, she asked me to take pictures.

2nd break of the day, I brilliantly thought of props for my mission: the dogs. Hahaha! Lawrence has already started mingling around yesterday and I can’t do what he does: like approaching you upfront and strike a conversation. My method is an indirect one. While playing with the dogs, some of the delegates would come (mostly guys, the girls are too scared of the pups), give them my most winsome smile and presto! They’ll open up. It usually started with questions if I do have my pet at home blah blah blah. It was effective! Even the instructor yesterday – the one who praised me – was delighted talking to me. I even joked on him about taking with me one of the dogs home. Sadly though, US guy is nowhere to be found during breaks. In the comfort room, I met Brazil and Mexico – who always go together – and smiled at them. No conversations yet. But no need to hurry – there’s lots of time left. But so far, everything is going good. =)


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