Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Walk Down Old School

Thanks to Multiply, I was reminded that last week was my Alma Mater’s Foundation Day. Even if they changed name already, I’m a proud Mapuan no matter what! Without no one in the office to go out with, I remembered I have a young friend studying there (whose Mom wants her to be like me, hence enrolled in the same school) to have a good chat with prior heading to my next agenda last Saturday.

There was once when going back to school seemed repellent due to the bitter memories it brings. But that was forever ago. I didn’t even think about it anymore when I decided to go. Besides, it’s a good substitute to duck my head into instead of going berserk on the ongoing sales in the mall.

Sporting my skinny jeans and new top with much aplomb , I texted Michelle that I’ll be an hour late in her 4-hr long break before I left. I don’t know what look I was going for but while waltzing through the walls of Intramuros, I took out the book from my bag and carried it in my left hand close to my chest just like the way I used to do when I was in college. Haha! It’s flattering to be mistaken as a student but reality steps in the moment you enter the guardhouse.

Since I lost my alumni card, I reasoned out faculty visit purpose upon handing them my ECE license ID. She was then calling the faculty to verify the instructor I told him and I swear it's annoying the life out of me. It’s foundation day for crying out loud! Good thing she was unable to contact. They didn’t let me in until I told them I’m an alumnus and asked for my student number.

“1999153104!” I said irritated. I'm amazed with my sharp memory. :) When finally exiting the guard house,

“Parang kilala kita ah!”

I turned to recognize one of the guards on the entrance and gave him a weak smile. It’s been eons ago since I last came here. This one has sure good memory! The initial motive to pass incognito here was changed by a feeling of warmth inside. After all, I spent almost 5 years here! It's a relief that he, being one of the nicest guards in the school, is still around. Unlike those two who (1) chased after me when I was wearing an open-heeled sandals and (2) that gruesome guard who took my ID for clipping it in my jeans’ pocket (back when ID weren’t automated yet). Of course it’s tacky to clip it in my shirt! And there went my two violations that had sent me reporting to OSA (Office of Student Affairs) – ruining my reputation! “All for a fashionable cause. Tsk!” – I thought to myself as I enter the bookstore to be refreshed.

Not a minute later, I exited and passed through the admin building trying to check if my pics are still there in their “Hall of Fame”. None. Of course, it was already replaced by recent topnotchers. Still walking, I met my instructor in Broadcasting but he turned away when I was about to greet him. Hey that’s an impolite way to treat a student who appreciated the subject!

Straight through is the North Building the ground floor of which is our org’s tambayan! There were a couple of students playing cards in the table. I attempted to come near but hesitated coz surely no one will remember me. Damn, I was the president of this org before! Admittedly though, we weren’t able to follow-up closely the improvements after graduating.

I settled myself in one of the pillars to check my phone for a message. As I sat (aaah, to be able to bend at the waist and sit), I took out the phone but there’s no message. That’s when I realized the very purpose of my novel, flipped it open and started wading through it. Occasionally, I jerk my head up to see the people passing by. Hmm, this one looks like a brother of my batchmate. Hmm, possible! When I saw a former workmate walking with an instructor seeming to approach my direction, I covered my face with the book. Hehe. I don’t know why but I just had this vague, free-floating suspicion that they would ask me
questions like (1) Hey, you’re too grand and busy why are you here? Or (2) Why in the world are you still alone??

Anyways, as I continue reading…..

“Uy KC! Bat andito ka?”

I really couldn’t escape this, could I? It’s John from Intel. We huddled for a short while to check on each other’s lives. I explained the reason I was there and asked him on the status of his part-time teaching. Then he and his MS classmates left.

“Uy sige. Pero grabe mas ok ka ngayon kesa dati nung nasa Intel.”

Hey, that was a compliment. Not bad for being discovered by a friend who used to see you everyday before.

On the verge of being stood up by my friend, I decided to roam the building just to check for some changes. A photocopying station is already set-up on the ground floor of North - that used to be in the West. In the 2nd floor, I passed by our laboratories and stopped by the wall to check the current officers of my other org, IECEP. Climbed up the stairs again, this now facing the faculty. All of a sudden, a bitter memory erupted from nowhere. It caught me off guard. Aw, shucks! At this very place, I was waiting for him here and he arrived with that beeeyaaa…banish, banish!

Whew! I scanned the NW rooms and they were empty. Hmm, foundation day shouldn’t be an excuse for the profs to dismiss their classes. Each day is crucial for a quarter system. I realized my thoughts are turning into that of a parent’s perspective – I shuddered.

Now going down the West building’s stairs along with some students engaged in boisterous talk while headed to the library. They look so young – so happy – so unaware of what they can only term as the real world.

Moving on, outside the cafeteria. I wonder if they’ve already fixed the exhaust system so the stinking smell inside doesn’t stick anymore on the shirts. Outside the audio visual room (the most beautiful part of the renovated Mapua during my time) were rows of chairs for queue. What’s that for? As far as I know, I only see those during our bloody enrollment days.

Ever present on the South parking lot are the concessionaires and back to the admin building where I passed by what I can only hope for as Mapuan cagers! Hehehe. All you need to confirm is their height and a notebook in one of their hands. Take it from someone who used to fancy those boys! ;)

In the quadrangle now, a band is playing resembling that of Sugarfree, I looked closer to see that it’s just one of the bands of the Music Society. On my way back to the pillar now when I finally received a text from Michelle who’s seated near the guardhouse. I tracked back my steps and found her there sitting very pretty.

After 45 mins, she went to her Humanities class just in time to meet my other friend/batchmate outside Biyo with her hubby AJ. Not before long when we’re talking, there stood infront of us someone doing a very familiar pose – arms folded, right knee pointed on tiptoe, raised eyebrow and pout-y face. “Ay si bakla!” Haha! Happy to meet one of my ka-pederasyon, hehe, I excused myself from the couple and approached him (or her?) for some how are yous. And another complement “Iba ka na ngayon, pwede ka ng sumali sa Miss Universe.” Kamusta naman yan?

Funny how I went to school to see how much has changed physically but ending up being complemented for looking good. It could be better coz of the new work or in the latter case having moved on from a dark lovelife. More than anything else, I think it’s the inner contentment and happiness that’s responsible for making me glow. Yay! Haha.

Back to Biyo, we filled each other with the latest gossips on someone: a batchmate. Haha! Then we headed to Manila Doctors to visit our friend who’s just undergone a cyst removal in the ovary.
Get Well Soon Xiela!

My outfit for the day:


Anonymous said...

Deng, love the outfit, not a fan of the sunglasses. Try using aviators, and that'd be a killer look.


Anonymous said...

err try this link

kCNeSs said...

hmm..look what have we got here, a fashion critique..haha!! yeah i know that shades is for 2007 pa. i will check around the mall in the coming weeks..thanks!