Friday, February 22, 2008

KR Travelogue Day4a: Samsung

(still high from my patron seat tickets for Maroon 5, what a timely post about my company ;)

I’m way too cool for you boy. That’s why it will never work. I’ll have you suicidal, suicidal when I say it’s over. Damn all these beautiful girls, we’re only gonna do you dirt. We’ll have you suicidal, suicidal when I say it’s over.

Early in the morning, I was already stretching out my vocal chords, singing with so much gusto in the bathroom. Before I left, I was already informed that the dreaded dinner (with the drinking of course) would involve some talent portion. So there I was, practicing Beautiful Girls (Jojo’s version) at the peep of the day.

I put on my spag strap top and a fresh stab of fear went through me as I remember Ms. Kim’s words that super low necklines aren’t allowed in the plant. Why oh why in the world did I ever listen to Leon’s advice on strictly corporate attire when some other delegates, I notice, are in jeans and sneakers. Hmmp!! That means the pink pashmina will be stuck here around my neck. Different contemplations everyday, haha!! It’s pretty obvious; I wasn’t much impressed with my ensembles for the last 2 days. Haha!!

In the classroom, I was handed this newspaper The Korean Herald. I’m not really a newspaper girl but I just flipped through it out of curiosity. I saw an article about Samsung and that’s when I saw the introductory “There are 3 things you can’t avoid in Korea: death, taxes and Samsung.” How very true and timely after what we discovered yesterday. The credit card, the mobile phone, cars, appliances, everything! Haha!! Of course, these aside from the fact that they were initially involved in fishing services. Ű

Talking about stories that are done to death, another story was repeated this time by Mr. Jung. He was the translator of the VP’s speech during the first day and is pretty good in English. Anyway, the story was told by my co-engineer back at work; heard from Leon in Singapore and finally here. According to Toni Gonzaga, for the third time once again. Hahaha!! And may I say, each story has different versions. Hahaha!!! It is about how Samsung earned the trust of the Koreans. Ok, lemme present to you the gist so there will be no plus-minus (my term for dagdag-bawas, haha!!).

From what I heard, there was a car accident in Korea wherein the car got seriously damaged as well as the phones (I don’t know how must be a terrible accident really). So there were 2 passengers and both attempted to call emergency using their crushed phones however only one was able to make his phone function and you know what that brand is. Hehe. He pledged on how Samsung phone save his life and the rest is history. Right at the end of the story,

“Quick question” raised by Jaemin from the back which gathered snickers from everyone in the room. Perhaps everyone heard different versions, hahaha!! That was cute. Hihi.

But even with different renditions, I still believe in my company’s quality of products. :P Come to think of it, I was wowed by this story during my few first months and has proven it while working. The durability and form factor has earned my trust. Naks!! KC po, proud to be ka-Samsung. Wahaha!!!

During the break, they showed us a clip of how Samsung was able to combine their most famous boy and girl bands in a concert to the shrieks and much enjoyment of the fans. Not only that, when I roamed around I noticed a poster on one of the classrooms with the picture of my crush Lee Joon Ki (Nico of My Girl) endorsing the MP3s. Hihi. I can just imagine how the Koreans love and support Samsung. And yes I already asked last night how about getting Raine my super duper crush as an ambassador but I gathered he’s too expensive. :P

Lee Joon Ki for Samsung MP3 players.. :)

Enough of Samsung, I remembered I still have my mission for this last day. Tomorrow at Neverland is no guarantee that I can mingle with the rest of them. And I do have my props today: my digicam. Ű Who cares about security measures, duh? Haha!! But before anything else, I have to take a souvenir with my most favorite dog Chatori. Aww, I will so miss this pup I almost cried. It feels like we’ve already bonded for the last 2 days. I really want to take him home. Already, I can imagine him playing with my Choi Choi. Ű

me and master yoda, hahaha!!

So instead of just visiting him in his cage, there I was carrying him and releasing him (with the instruction of the janitress whom I befriended through speaking using sign languages, haha!!) I chased after him in the hallway (imagine a 5’7”girl running along the corridors, yay!) and boy!! This pooch sure runs fast. It’s amazing in his tiny frame. Haha!! He went to the other cage where the girls dogs are staying. Hmm, naughty boy!! Ű

(to be continued)

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