Thursday, February 28, 2008

KR Travelogue Day4b: Miss Congeniality

“You look good today.” greeted by Ms. Kim when we met her downstairs for lunch.

“Thanks!” I beamed back at her smiling face, her eyes almost invisible.

Inspite of my dress insecurities, I felt great. I don’t know what she saw but maybe it’s the pink and white combination. The truth is, if there’s one thing that sets me apart from the ladies here, it’s the texture of my clothes. God knows what they are called but it’s apart from the wool or leather every female’s been sporting here. =) Besides for the sole girl in the classroom who’s experiencing winter for the first time, I don’t look bad. :P

Lunch isn’t exciting again. I had tofu with sauce spread on the rice, spicy as always. I ate a few spoonfuls. I was almost tempted to order what the Indians are having: potatoes, corn soup and veggies. Well, they are already considered my diet foods. I just challenged myself knowing I won’t taste these back at home.

As practiced, we headed outside the building to help down the food we ate and as I step down the ladder, I met Jakub (Poland) about to go in and accosted me. He asked where are we headed and out of politeness I invited him to come and walk with us to which he willingly obliged. I saw that Lawrence tagged Ronald (the 6’2" from Netherlands) along as the latter shows his GPS-enabled phone SGH-I550.

Sometime after our friendly conversation, I noticed that the distance between that of the group and ours kept on increasing. A while ago they were just about ten steps away but now it’s about twenty or so. Jeez, are these guys in a marathon? Anyways, we kept on talking about usual stuffs like our morning routine to work, hobbies blah blah blah until there comes a point where the whole space-time continuum will go amiss. At that juncture, one or both of you are left to say something about the surrounding after an awkward silence. Yeah, it does happen. Thank god for he quickly thought of complementing the view infront of us. He ordered me to stand still while he takes a photo of me using his SGH-I450. Hmmm, nice dodge if he really wanted to have a solo photo of me. Haha!! Speaking of which, I haven’t asked him for a copy of that picture. I do hope I looked good in it. =P

Had this been a typical scene in a movie, we could’ve walked back to the building hand in hand but of course it didn’t happen. Because I’m the director, I decided that the corporate scene is not appropriate for this kind of romance. Nyahaha!!

When we went back to the building, I noticed that the Asians weren’t around yet. They’re not in the classroom, the computer stations nor in the dog area. Those jerks!! They went somewhere else without inviting me!! Hmmp!! Crestfallen, I plonked myself infront of one of the monitors and I hideously checked the number of views in my Multiply and Blogspot accounts. The addict that I am!! Hahaha!! (Sam, you should come up with a term for incurable addicts like us! LOL!)

When I walked back to the classroom, I finally saw Lawrence still conversing with Ronald by the door.

“Hey, where did you guys go? You weren’t here when I arrived.” I enquired, in my usual charming way.

“We went somewhere else coz we didn't want to disturb your date!” Lawrence replied with one end of his lips curved up into a wicked smile. Ronald seemed to be conniving too.

“A whaaaaaaaat?” in my most OA American accent. I loved the way I said it, haha!!

“Never mind.” He and Ronald went inside the room.

Ok. I’m not annoyed. But, am I sensing a bit of jealousy in here? Hahaha. Let’s tease him up a bit more, shall we?? *devilish grin* Armed with my camera in hand, I asked Jakub, who with impeccable timing, is walking in the hallway and continued our discussion through a question in the map of Poland posted in the wall. I asked Ali (Dubai) to take a photo of us with the pose “point where your country is.”

It was fun. I asked Ali for a photo of the two of us and after that are the Russians. However, it seems I got the wrong persons. Ali’s from Egypt and he was confused if he will point that country or Dubai where’s he’s working now. The Russians, on the other hand, err had problems just pinpointing Russia in the map. Hahaha!! It was obvious in that wide-mouthed laugh of mine in the pic and mind you it was echoing down the hallway. LOL!

Point your country: Jakub, Ali, Alexy and John
After one more session in the afternoon, it was time to take our class picture. I was able to capture all of the shots: the whole class with the high-ranks of Samsung and the per continent delegates. I was able to somehow bond with the China team (with Taiwan included) coz obviously they weren’t much spoken of here.

clockwise: South America; Southwest Asia; Europe and Southeast Asia
China team

Back in the classroom, I felt quite compelled to talk to China girls who are sitting right behind me. I instantly thought of the place we went to last night coz Lawrence and I we’re arguing on a certain Chinese word: whether it meant a hospital or a tomb. So I asked Chi Yan and Jun Xiang with the character which I wrote on a clean sheet of paper. Hmm, I know they’re not that fluent in English but I was expecting they’ll somehow compliment my handwriting. Hey, I used to win awards in my Chinese school before in handwriting contest using the brush and ink. But she didn’t say any. Haha!! It paved the way for a few discussions.

Training is almost ending, I went back to my favorite dog and I carried him around for the last time. I know how women fear pooches but somehow I convinced Esther (Mexico) and Nilce (Brazil) to touch him coz he’s obviously harmless.

Left: with Ms Choi, Nilce and Esther; Right: Chi, Jun and Daisy

my dearest dog Chatori

Like any other training, ours ended with an evaluation. Mr. Jang handed us these bondpapers for comments and suggestions. After which he came around to collect the temporary gatepass they gave us on the first day. It was never really used eversince so I hardly gave it a thought. But today, yes, I’m 200% sure that I slid it in my bag this morning.

He first approached our area but I can’t find it in my wallet. He skipped on me and reminded that it costs 15, 000 KRW in a friendly joking way. I started to panic and went rooting for my bag again but there’s none. Immediately, I fished for my wallet carefully inspecting every pocket amidst the different currencies and cards in there but none. When at last I saw a card different from the rest I normally have, I took it out but to my dismay, it’s the hotel card.

“I reminded you to bring it.” Lawrence said.

“I bou- brought it.” My English is failing me when I’m nervous.

“15 dollars.” Reminded again by Mr. Jung.

Oh god, where’s that card? I delved in my bag again. I swear from now on, I’ll tidy up my bag. Ever!! I know a fine lady doesn’t keep it in such a sordid state. When at last I found it buried among the pile of toiletries and gadgets, I took it out, let out a whew and fanned myself using my hand which to my surprise earned snickers from everyone in the room.

I felt myself flush at the incident. Great! They’re all looking at me. The embarrassment must have been written all over my face now but the strange part is they laughed when I fanned myself. I mean, come on, it wasn’t done to amuse them. It’s a normal reaction. Am I really that naturally funny?

End of training. Woohoo!! We were given 15 minutes to roam around before we leave the room. I bid goodbye to the dogs once more and headed to the toilet. I guess it’s time to do a re-touch but I was thinking of changing my coat so I don’t have to wear this suffocating pashmina.

Pink or camel? Pink or camel? It took me some time to decide but I ended up changing. After which I did a few more re-touches here and there.

When at long last I emerged from the comfort room, I noticed that no one familiar is around. I went back to the classroom but the students for the night shift had already taken over. I walked towards the other end of the floor but there’s no sign of any delegate. I clattered down the stairs thinking that maybe they’re already on the bus waiting for me but there’s no bus infront. It’s almost 6 PM and it’s starting to get dark outside.

Oh my god, where are they? Did they leave without me? But how come? No one remembered me? No one bothered to inform that I’m missing? This, after all my efforts of befriending everybody? Its hurts (pun intended). But seriously, I’m hurt.

I did a quick mental check on what I could possibly miss if I just went straight home. Food – fine; Drink – oh, even fine; my crushes – no, I shuddered. It’s not fine, not at all!! And of equal importance, what about my rehearsed song for tonight? It’s meant to impress them. Wahaha!! Times like this, I can still manage to think of silly things. Hahaha!!

I went up the 3rd floor hoping somebody’s in there looking for me but there’s no one familiar. Not even the janitress whom I befriended with, if only the dogs could speak. *sigh*

Oh my god, where’s everybody??


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