Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Crazy for High-Waisted

Don’t give me that look. Please. And don’t remind me coz I still bloody well remember how I
(a) Invested so much on my white skinny jeans and announced my abhorrence for anything wide bottomed;
(b) Promised to spend wisely this year.

But take delight coz there will be no lame excuses this time. Nope. Just sharing the pleasure of having to do tuck-ins (which I’ve never done before due to my body frame) and getting the “S” complement from the ladies in the office. Come on, its very seldom that you hear it from them. :) I love it!

P.S. (a) I still love my white skinny. (b) I’m off to prove it’s a wise buy. (c) It’s still from my fave fruit shop. :}

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