Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Dreaded 14th and the Amazing Support System

Because I feel quite triumphant on how I survived the heartless 14th loveless, I resolved to post what I’ve done to serve as something to dig on in the future. (Gosh, I do hope there will already be a sudden twist of fate by that time). Maybe you can pick up some tips along the way. This will just be a spontaneous account of the day.

To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t aware of it when I woke up. All I remember is that the night before I bought an oversized bag and a matching fab flats almost unconsciously. Yes, unconscious as though something was forcing me to spend. So the night before was spent rehearsing on how to rock my new accessories. Ű (Tip #1: It may do you good to look forward on something else happening on the day aside from the holiday.)

The first reminder was when I was taking the bath while listening to the radio. It so happened that this station I’m frequenting to in the morning for hilarity had the host sharing some bitter yet funny sentiments on the holiday. Something like if she’s gonna win as the president, she will have the holiday entirely removed from the calendar. Haha!! I then proceeded to dressing up my planned outfit totally forgetting that I was supposed to wear black but ‘s ok. (Tip #2: Maybe you can do your routines on a different light, exercise in the morning, listen to your favorite radio station, and have a nice cup of coffee perhaps.)

I steel myself when I first stepped on the lobby aware of the possible items I might see. I took a deep breath before I pushed open our glass door that would lead to the cubicles but to my astonishment and huge relief, there are no red thingy on everyone’s desks. What’s wrong in here? Is everybody loveless like myself?

Gingerly, I walked towards the technical room. In that 39 steps – I counted – it took me to get there. I tried hard not to fancy the thought of a secret admirer perhaps finally confessing his affections for me through a bouquet of flowers waiting for me in my desk. I’m getting quite giddy on this thought and when I opened the door…


Whoa-la! Hahaha!! But ‘s ok. And some morning greetings or should I say jesting were thrown my way,

“O KC, nasan na ang mga flowers mo?”

I realized this is where my talent must come out. I did some quick internalization and took out my phone pretending to be dialing,

With wrinkled forehead, “Grabe, sabi ko 10 AM ako darating sa office eh. Tatawagan ko nga yung delivery.” Everbody laughed. Hehehe. (Tip #3: You can probably josh about the situation and don’t take things seriously. If you’ve seen some flowers, just think that they had it delivered for themselves. Haha!! Mind over matter GuRL!! :)

I shunned myself from the outside world and concentrated on my work ignoring any text messages and stayed offline to avoid pings from my attached friends coz any greetings would somehow mean for sure that something pleasant has already come their way. It was when Sir Mark (sales manager) entered the room that I first felt a surge of pure joy. He came around distributing Ferrero chocs to the ladies of the mobile phone team. I swear, that was a very sweet gesture. Although he’s already attached to someone from the team also, I will still give him 100 pogi points for that. Ű (Tip #4: Because I know some guys are reading this: gentlemen, you already know what to do next time? Ayt? Haha!)

In the afternoon, I was once again delighted that the company gave out cakes to the girls (to be shared within their team of course). How thoughtful, how Goldi err Red Ribbon. Haha!! Valentine ’s Day isn’t that bad after all. Ű

I remembered my friend Lisa and I have to ask her how she is. I was very happy to learn that Smart gave out chocolates to the ladies also. Ű So after that, we were both like “Bloody hell!! Bakit walang ganito sa Intel before?”

I was balking on going overtime or going home @ 6 o clock in the dot. Then it occurred to me that for both ways, you’ll still get the teasing

6:00: “Uyyyyyyyy, may date. Yihee.”
OT: “Waah, walang date!!”

It’s no brainer exactly 6:30, I decided to use my 1K worth of GC (Azta Urban Salon) that I’ve been keeping since January 1. Special thanks to my brother btw for this. Ű (Tip #5: This might not be applicable for everybody, but it is better not to render overtime on a holiday like this.)

I decided not to take a cab and learn how to commute from Greeenhills to Meralco Avenue. The first attack of envy came when I saw a couple with a girl holding a very huge bouquet of flowers. And I could’ve sworn I saw that tinge of smugness on her face when she saw me emptyhanded. What a hyprocritical cow! Didn’t she know I’m not that pompous, show-off type and I kept mine in my huge bag? Beeyatch! Yes, I’m to too determined to be shattered! Haha!! About the bag, I realized that’s what the calling is for. Haha!! Although I bloody well know that I will do otherwise. Hahaha!! (Tip #6: Ladies, be considerate of other’s feelings (crushed feelings if I may add, haha). If you don’t wanna be called a b****. :P

Anyway, I almost got lost through asking but I finally learned that the salon is in Metrowalk. Big mistake to go in places where couples/lovebirds are out and about but I’ve gone a long way to be affected. I decided to pamper myself with a protein treatment (aka hot oil) and had a trim. But not the cut that’s expected from a girl jilted by a lover of course, haha!! No, just styled up the ends a bit. (Tip #7: Go out with girlfriends and treat yourselves. Maybe salon or a massage would do. You can also buy a book (i.e Sophie Kinsella’s latest novel Remember Me?) :)

To cap it off, I indulged myself with my fave frappe and pastries on my way home. That's "To go" so as not to stay anymore in the cafe.

This is my so called materialistic approach. Hahaha!! Anyway, I also partied on the 15th which you all know from my last post that I had a BLAST!!! :)

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