Monday, February 18, 2008

♥ EMBA - Feb 15th ♥

Has got to be the most happening in the clubbing life of Cherry and Ria. And with those pseudonyms I meant Lisa and me. Hahaha!! Finally, at long last, we were able to work out our skeds and come out of our shell! And once again, finally, after what seemed like a long day of bearing the dreaded 14th: the most cursed and insensitive holiday of all. Hey, I’m not bitter! In fact, I’m too giddy to be annoyed. =)

The ambiance: The Embassy is now renewed. Bigger, better!! You can’t take it from me to compare it somehow with Alchemy coz it was somewhat similar. We walked from the foyer straight to the staircase where in 2nd floor you’ve got two rooms of choice. The one on the left looked spacious with very few people so we headed to where from afar looks crowded already and let ourselves in. The buzz of people, the scent of liquor, cigarette smoke, designer fragrances wafting past, the brightness, the glitter, the colour, the Metropolitan people – I live for these moments. Gosh, I’m home. Hahaha!! Don’t be confused though, the mall will still be my home for the day. Hahaha!!! Gosh, I so missed it all!!

The music. I didn’t know they have this RnB/Pop/Rock remixes because before we used to party in the trance/house music hall. No, don’t think I’m not that in to trance but it sort of gives you more vigor in dancing when you can sing along the ditty right? Before, we use to hop in Jaipur to hear my fave RnB music but not anymore. In no minute, Cherry and Ria were already shaking their thang on the floor to the beat of Sean Paul’s Sexy Ladies.

Cherry and Ria

The people!! The beautiful people oh my gosh!! The place was jampacked that I initially thought about fire exits, wahaha!! It seemed like everybody wanted to chase the blues away brought about by the most cruel celebration (atleast I’ve got another adjective :P) of all. Everybody’s too in the mood, too ready, too friendly. Everybody’s eyes were gleaming and hopeful. And it made me smile a lot. Even the celebrities returned my gesture. Geese, what’s up with that?


And after meeting new “acquaintances”, guess who I caught sight of?? Oh my gosh, it’s AJ!! He’s an officemate from before (officemate lang?? haha) and I asked him to come near us. God, I so missed him. When he approached us and shouted “Namiss ko kayo!”, I rubbed his hair and with crinkled nose said “Na-miss kita!” (Oops, haha!!) as though two childhood friends finally seeing each other after a long long time. Childhood friends with held back feelings for each other that is. Hahaha!! Atleast, that’s what I like to think of. Hahaha!! Wow, it was just last month that I was texting him and congratulating him for one of their songs being featured in a local show. And I was just ecstatic to finally see him there. The best thing one can have next to Yael Yuzon for me. Golly, I’ve said so much about him now. Haha!! You’ll understand this all when his band gets their turn someday. Ű Ű Ű And now that it's out, yes, I will confess that I’ve hinted something about him here in my blog. Hahaha!!!

AJ, Ria and Cherry

When he left, a few more songs played and upon glancing around I noticed one more familiar girl with long locks dancing next to us. Ppppaaaaaaaaaauuuuu!!!!! Oh my gosh, we were practically screaming at each other’s sights. Hahaha!! Imagine, the former rural girls meeting up unexpectedly in the Metro.

Beautiful Intel girls

I informed AJ to come down and meet Pau through text. In a few minutes he came back and the four of us were grooving on the floor. Hahaha!! I will still stick to what I said – we used to be the most eligible bachelor and bachelorettes of CV1. Hahaha!! I allowed myself to recall for a moment those times we use to have our lunches at Tagaytay or dine together in the cafeteria. I missed the group. Too bad, Christian, Mike and Joann were not around.

Cherry, AJ, Pau and Ria

“Of all places!” uttered by AJ finally articulating everyone’s thoughts.


The attention!! It was just overwhelming. Hmm, it’s still advantageous to stand out from the crowd (in my stilettos that’s what I mean of course). It makes you spot and be spotted easily. Haha!! I wore it because I thought we would finish around 2 or 3 AM but what the heck!! We stayed up til 530 AM. Haha!! How can we exit? There were never idle moments with new acquaintances coming around. :P When AJ came back, my spirits had been lifted to something near euphoria. He was with us when my fave song was played. And that’s the time I got low, low, low, low, low, low, low. Hahaha!! Now that I think about it, I wonder if I really did those grooves on the floor. Gosh!! Ok, here’s one thing. I’m sober ok? Cherry’s, err I mean Lisa’s new “friend” bought us a drink (Vodka redbull???) and I just sipped a bit just to be polite and I let it be thrown on the floor. Hahaha!!

two old friends, who meet again..wahaha!!!

That night had been an intoxication of happiness. Hahaha!! It was so fun I’m seriously thinking of doing it once a month. =)

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