Monday, January 21, 2008

KR Travelogue Day 2b: Miss Smarty Pants

Aaaah…my favorite part: the ice-breaker. My worries for Dien (Vietnam) were eased by the thought that he’s just probably late. Weren’t they were always late in our last training? Maybe it’s the time difference excuse again. Anyways, I’ve loads of persons to meet. The introduction began from the other far end and that makes me fourth from the last. Good, they’re gonna recall my name better than the ones who started. I positioned myself to have a vantage view of the entire attendees. My peripheral vision started to register a few remarkable faces from the room as I earnestly listened to the speakers.

However, after the first few introductions my mind started arguing on its own if I should proceed with my well, speech. You see, I prepared a little statement for this. And it starts in something like this: “Anyong Aseo, KC Imnida.” I never meant to impress the Koreans. Rather, I just deemed it courteous to know some of their language prior visiting a country. All of a sudden, I noticed that it’s almost near my turn. I beamed at Lawrence before I shot out of my chair (I really don’t know what that’s for) and proceeded with my run-of-the-mill introduction.

After surveying all of my classmates, here’s my report. There are 6 girls in the classroom (3 Chinese, 1 Brazilian and a Mexican). I stood out among them and ako din ang may pinakamahabang hair! However you want to interpret it guys! Hahaha!! Of course I meant it literally! I am the tallest among them and have the longest hair of course. =P As for the guys, hmmmmmmm.. There’s this one tall, buffed guy (emphasis on buffed) seated at the back. I wasn’t able to get his name but I do know he’s from the US.

After that, the facilitator introduced himself, apologized for barely speaking English then introduced the VP of Mobile Phones in Gumi Plant. Perfectly understandable. I mean, how often was I asked to speak slowly to them whenever I’m explaining something back in the Phils and how often do I reply to them using speech and sign language so they can understand me better? How’s that? The VP is speaking the vernacular and someone translates it for us.

*End of speech, claps hands.*

Shortly, the first session began and that’s when I noticed that Dien is already seated at the back. Of course, I’m not checking out US guy. =P Whew, thank heaven! During the break I decided to greet him but what slipped out of my mouth is a quip if he went swimming first that’s why he’s late. (Actually, that’s the official version of the time difference excuse above, haha!) I’m so mean. Hehe. We were allowed to use the computers around but I preferred not to go online. I’ll totally ditch work. :P So, I walked around and I saw some dogs. Wow! There are dogs in the learning center, in the Samsung plant! How possibly cute is that? Awww, they’re so adorable. =) I spent the break playing with the three of them. ;-) I miss my Choi Choi.

I didn’t notice that the plant visit is already next to the 1st topic. We transferred to this other building which you can’t differentiate from the rest. In the ground floor, we were divided into 2 groups and US guy is in the other one. Sayang! Hehe. We were then given this radio receiver to hear better the tour guide. Cool! Of course I know it’s going to be noisy inside. We took the lift to the 3rd floor and ushered into what must be a room. Bollocks! I didn’t imagine that it is already the production floor we’re entering. Goodness! I thought we’re going to wear first our safety apparels (smocks, goggles, ESD shoes) but no! I’m officially reporting this as a safety hazard! Wahaha!

We were grouped first into this display of mobile phones and their well, circuit boards. WARNING: Geek talk! But in the wall, there’s this array of carved wood of caricatured faces of the employees for that certain floor. It’s funky and colorful! Hey, we don’t have that back at Intel. =P No pics allowed, sorry. Shortly we were led to the start of the processing line.

What the???????

The rest of the sentence seemed stuck somewhere between my brain and my throat. It’s as if the thought were too unbelievable to even be expressed. I mean, I know the plant visit will involve machines and all but I didn’t expect it would be the Chip Attach process, my very own module back at Intel. My ghost from the past is hunting me back, hahaha!! There goes the unloader, the flux print, chip attach, oven and the loader. Goodness! Not the same spanking brands that we use before but there they are in their phone-producing glory! And the good thing here, the translator doesn’t get much the process. So, I was sidelining on the transmitter explaining what each equipment does. Too bad, the whole class wasn’t that interested. But it’s fun looking at them so amazed on their new environment. Hehehe. I get to ask questions on the process just out of curiosity but the guide hardly understands me even if it’s already translated. Bloody CAM, haha! Wait, before your head falls off with boredom, lemme just tell you that there’s an epoxy process inserted somewhere in the CAM link. Epoxy is a downline process after chip attach in microprocessors production. Wait, why am I talking dirty? I mean, epoxy is dirty right? Err, Sam? And another quick question, am I giving out classified Intel confidential in here? Hahaha!

* After plant visit is lunch; will be discussed in part C ;-) *

The afternoon session went on fine. I didn’t get any sleepy coz the making out of words from the mouth of the speaker was enough to keep my brain functioning thank you very much. For the 2nd to the last topic, the speaker was barreling along in his slideshow presentation. On this particular slide though, he was discussing some Samsung jargons on technical documents trying his very best to explain it to us. For the last bullet he gave out an introductory that it’s his first time to encounter such a word and needed to research about it this morning. He asked the class if someone knows what the word means. Prickled with intrigue, I looked at the foil and there it is written in 24 pt Times New Roman, Post Mortem. *Gasp* Damn right, I know what it is! Didn’t I just spend my 2 years working on that? No, not the one on death cases you bananahead! ;-) I waited for some 2-3 seconds but no one’s responding. Oh my god, moment itoh! I timidly raised my hand and after being acknowledged, gave my best definition of the term. Starting with an excuse on how I knew the term,

" Because I worked for production before, Post Mortem is a technical document that explains or pins down the root cause for issues or problems encountered in the process................." Gosh, my sentence is erroneously constructed at the very beginning. Hehehe.

“Yes, you’re right!” The speaker smiled as though being relieved of having to elaborate it further. I’m suffused with delight at that juncture. This is it! My shining moment! Or more accurately, my Modess/Whisper moment with reference to my last post. :P Shampoo naman ngayon! Geese, why do I keep referring to these commercials' slogans? Not that I have delusions of modeling. :P

When he moved on to the next slide, an enormous wave of nostalgia hit me. I recalled this very same incident when I was in the 5th grade. Our teacher asked us to memorize the 8 parts of the speech and its definition according to our book. She was exacting a word for word description. English, being my favorite subject ever, of course I studied hard. Then came the recitation day. For a missed word, regardless of an article the or a preposition of, the punishment is to stand at the back. After 5 failed classmates, I was able to define all 8 by the book's standards. When the rest finished, I noticed that I was the lone student seating. That’s when I became the teacher’s pet. :)

Bearing this episode in mind, I wasn’t to be stumped about. I focused myself on the next slide and braced myself for whatever questions that might be posed next. On this next slide, I saw a jargon which is familiar from the past work but doubted that it will be asked. It’s just too common, I thought.

“Does anyone know what BOM means?”

Without hesitation this time, “Bill of Materials.” I instantly replied in chorus with someone. To my surprise, it’s my seatmate Lawrence.

Wait, haven’t I told you yet? We used to be compatible before. Sometime after our last training, I learned through our chats that he’s worked for a production before as a planner. Some common background you may say. But that's just it. :P

“Yes, you’re very clever.”
The speaker said with an approving smile.

Ssshheessh, I felt myself flush at the sound of those words. I can feel the eyes of my classmates piercing through me I bet I can even see my hair turning red. Yay! I tried my very best to pull off a serious face so they can't tell I'm flattered but it's no good. I felt my face crease into a smile.

So I guess that must be it. Like a student already qualified to be exempted for the final exams, I decided to rest on my laurels. (Laurels daw o, haha!) Give others a chance. I just hope though that this will be fed back to my boss. Mwahaha!! But sadly though, no more questions asked. The training ended for the 1st day.

Guys, please don’t get offended with what I’m saying. Remember, my pride is our pride: Filipino pride. :) That class is comprised of almost 20 countries. Besides, what I knew was just purely based on my experience, nothing else special. And I’m thankful to Intel for that? (Now that I mentioned it, am I really thankful???? hahaha!) It’s always good to stand out on trainings abroad to change the wrong impressions on us. I do believe on this even if my boss wouldn't reiterate it to me. =)

We were then instructed on how to go about with our dinner. Bye for now. =)


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