Monday, January 21, 2008

My Boss' Wedding

In lieu of this recently held joyous occasion, allow me to share some of my wedding tidbits:

#1 Unlike most women in the female population, I don’t fancy my own wedding. I don’t have any visualizations whatsoever of me in my own wedding. I just like the garden type and that’s it.

#2 I maybe a drama queen but I don’t get all mushy on weddings that I attend to. When I questioned myself “Why?” last Saturday, I had second thoughts that maybe I’ll be a mess in my best friends’ or closest friends’ weddings. I mean, after all the tragedies they’ve been through (or can I just say we’ve been through? Hehe), it would be such an earth-shattering event. Hehehe. But then last Saturday, there were moments when I almost cried if not for I remembered I’m not wearing a water-proof mascara. So it was all stuck there in my throat when I heard “Mahal Kita” being played during the march. I love that song. And the other one is when after the kiss, Ma’am Maui hugged my boss like a child as though he’s just arrived from somewhere or that he’s going away for a long time. Such tender expression of love and happiness. Aww, so sweet! =)

#3 I’ve been an usherette, flower girl, bridesmaid and maid of honor in my life. Not that I'm implying anything here. =P

#4 In relation to #1, however unimagined it may be, one thing is guaranteed. I’ll look fashionably gorgeous in my wedding gown. LOL. I stumbled upon this dress of Rachel Bilson sometime last week, I thought it’d look good on the post-wedding ceremonies. :) No? Actually, I was thinking of this when an officemate (who always anticipates what I'm wearing on company events) asked me last Friday. But I'm not the type who upstages the bride like that. That's rude.

#5 I’ve read a book of ethics sometime 3rd year high. (Geese, how on earth did that book land on my hands?) and it said it’s ethical to wear something motif-related to the wedding your attending to. According to that book, it’s wrong to say congratulations to the bride ‘coz it should mean “Congratulations for finding such a beautiful bride.”. Something like that. So,

Congratulations Sir Jay and Best Wishes to Ma’am Maui.
Lastly, I think I need to stop being all too negative on not having my own wedding right? Maybe I should start visualizing it now. Is 24 a bit too late for that? Yay!

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