Friday, January 18, 2008

Quality Time

Out of the 17 days she was here, I was only able to spend 4 days with her. Sad is not even an enough word, it’s depressing. Really! Especially when you’re that willing to spend the holidays with her but you just can’t. We weren’t even that talking, she’s been catching up on a lot of sleep on the first few days that I was around. Silly girl didn’t sleep in SG for days prior her trip due to overwhelming excitement. Hehe.

Dec. 22 – Arrived around 10 PM in their house @ Laguna.

Dec. 23 - @ Victoria Laguna for a religious convention. All hollies & mommies. Yay! Haha! She’s gonna be the best mom ever, no doubt about it.

inside the van

hot mommas

Dec. 24 – Videoke from 8 AM – 11 AM just the two of us taking turns in the mic. =P In the afternoon, went to SM Sta. Rosa for grocery shopping. But before that, we played in Quantum with our recently addicted (just before she left) game. I don’t know what it is called but it’s that hand dance revo thingy. :)

waiting for our turn. oy!

finally on our moves, aye!

Dec. 25 – Chillax @ their house. Before I left around 9:00 PM, I told Tita Millet (her mom) “Hmm, mga ilang araw na damit kaya babaunin ko pagbalik ko?” (bearing in mind the number of days to spend after Dec 28). I found something wrong with her reply. I know someone’s coming. Ate April (cousin of Joy whom she grew up with) is coming home on the weekend. She’ll be returning home from the staying 5 yrs in the US with her husband and a brand new baby boy whom they all haven’t met personally. She said she’s not sure about it ‘coz they want a pure family gathering. Though their clan has always treated me as a family, I perfectly understand it. Even if I was always present on occasions, gatherings even burials, it’s no biggie! According to them, there was already an itinerary on Ate April’s stay. But I felt something’s off kilter. They asked me to return on the 26th because there would be a gathering for a dinner. Disconsolate, I traveled home.

Still, I returned on the 26th after work, had a so-so dinner in their house with lots of guests and 27th morning was when I last saw her. Haaayy…

God knows how I contacted her everyday through text subtly implying that I’m just a text away. Didn’t she know that I sat on the front space of the bus (it’s not a seat, no backrest for 1.5 hrs) the night of 26th because it was so hard to commute those days? I even took a half day on the 27th just so I won’t leave their house too early for work she might be asleep yet. I was hoping that she and her cousin’s bonding moments would be enough for a week and that I can stay maybe on her last week (even if it would mean resting on their house at nights from work)

I was just hurt that there was a Saturday when we were both on a mall, only different ones. The cousin’s spending time with the dad’s side relatives. She didn’t bother to text me if I’m free. Of course I would travel to Alabang even if its miles from our home! Until finally the last 2 days and her date of departure but there are no invites. =,(

She texted me on the real reason behind on her last day, make it in the airport. She also apologized. I quipped saying the perfume she gave me was more than enough to erase whatever it is I’m sulking at. But of course, it’s not! Turns out the last time Ate April visited, she got jealous of the attention towards me, she felt left behind. I understand, but I didn’t mean it to be that way. I just don’t know why something was not done to alleviate it. Oh well, blood is thicker than water.

I also don’t know what kind of excuse they gave out to folks out there. They know we’re twins. We wear same style even same dresses at times. They very well know that where Joy is, there’s KC is. I hope they don’t think we had a misunderstanding.

You know prior to my trip in SG, I emailed all my friends: Intel friends and college friends working there and asked them if we could meet up. When I came back here, I received lots of messages from them mocking me for not showing up to them. But still, they were not my relatives right?

I’m just frustrated. I just learned yesterday through our seldom chats that there were 4 convoy cars that escorted her to the airport. Of course, it’s not only relatives at all! Close friends were included. Now where do I belong? Am I not part those friends and relatives?

No one’s to be blamed. So I hate that I feel this way and act to her as if everything’s fine and dandy. I just hope that she won’t take it as because I’m already on the loose.

A day before her flight home, I called her up. She was with a guy she’s dating and allowed me to talk to him. She told me I’m her best friend. And it’s enough reminder for me to hold on.

Aaahh, sorry for this baggage. Venting it out is such a big relief for me. These are the times when s girl needs a boyfriend right? Hahaha! Hey, my sense of humor is returning. This is a good sign. Happier posts up next week. Make sure to stay tuned guys! :)


Anonymous said...

Dang, considering I've already talked to you on YM about this, I'll just link you to a song I love by REM.


kCNeSs said...

gee, kala ko kung sinong someone calling me dang..haha!!

thanks wil, nice song btw..

Anonymous said...

Maybe this is a more appropiate REM song :)