Thursday, January 17, 2008

KR Travelogue Day 2a: A Gurly Prologue

Black and white has always been my favorite corporate color. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of wearing ‘em. Sometimes I start a week on those two hues and there are times it will continue for the entire week. Trainings abroad are not an exemption. Remember my SG trip? But of course not in those same outfit anymore. Excusez moi! For today, I’m wearing my black trench coat and white slacks (and there’s the thermal of course!). It’s the same heater I referred to in my last post.

Without the footwear on, I could see there’s one full-fledged fashionista staring back at me in the mirror. But with my camel boots on……oh no. For the first time, I violated my strictly BnW principle (that usually extends up to the accessories). I swear I tried to find some matching black pointy-toed boots of my size (Size 40, fyi) but there’s none. Nada! But it MUST work! According to my dress rehearsal (thanks Allen for coining the term), it somehow worked! Let’s just assume that the boots took the boredom of using the BnW all over and I’ll pair it up with my bronze-colored bag (not exactly the same but near enough color) to adhere to some fashionista rule.

As for the make-up, hmmmmmm…I saw the list of attendees and I’m thankful that I’m not alone. Yes there are girls this time around. I shook off the inhibitions to play with colors on my face. But sadly though, I only do one kind of make-up on my face. And that’s already my definition of subtle-yet-defined look! If I’m feeling it though, I add more gloss and double-coat the mascara. Which is what I did! =P

It’s 8 AM on the dot when I left my room: 210 of BestWestern Gumi Hotel. Though I hate the small room and the out of kilter light in the boudoir (I had to do make-up in the toilet, hmmp!), I have one favorite part of this hotel. It’s that sort-of bridge that interconnects the rooms and the stairs. It is shielded but terrace-like you can not only view the outside but feel the temperature as well. And what’s nicer is that there’s a beautiful smell emanating from somewhere if you pass through it.

When I reached first floor, I turned right to the bar to look for Lawrence that I walked past the table for guests signing. (Of course, I'm not excited.) He called around 7:45 AM and I told him to go ahead. Sure enough, there he is on a table dining with a certain guy; greeted me good morning and introduced me to Ali, he’s from Egypt but works for Samsung Dubai. Oh, here they are! My counterparts! I looked around on the couple of tables and the number of signatures on the paper I signed a while ago means it’s them also. I excused myself for a while to get my food and recalled the first time I was accosted by Lawrence in SG. Gee! What was I thinking blaming it on my make-up, haha! I realized that it’s his job to be friendly with everyone. And besides, I think it’s his inborn talent. Hehe.

When I went back to my seat, I’m just listening to their conversation and nodding along the way. Truth is, I’m not very well disposed to Ali. He looks like an unfriendly Boy Abunda. I’m thinking that he’s gay also. Haha! Bad, bad girl!

Around 8:15, I went back to my room to get my bag and brush my teeth again before the pick-up bus arrives at 8:30. Before I left, I was already informed that the factory is strict when it comes to memory storage devices. Laptops, cameras or any storage devices are not allowed. I’m not sure about the camera-enabled phones though. Passes are needed I think but I can’t leave my U700 with my digital cam. There are 3 phones I bought with me here, and only one is 3G and working. Sheesh, why haven’t I thought of that? I’m taking pictures no matter what. First offense is pretty much venial right? =P My boss advised me not to bring my laptop anymore. “Pabor!” – was all I can say. No work, all play! *grins*

As I step down the stairs, I was threatened with the sight that stood before me. There in the lobby is a whole phalanx of 6-feet men in their immaculate suits conversing with each other. “The Europeans”, I thought. But something inside me gave me a natural high; I raised my head and said “Kaya ko ‘to!”. At that instant, I felt like I was that girl in Modess or Whisper commercials faced with a big challenge in front and armed with an effective napkin suddenly makes her confident and worry-free! Sheesh! (Not that I’m having my period or something.) :P

I turned to my heel and went straight to the bus. As usual, I took on the window side to give me a commanding view of the road to the office and the friendly Lawrence sat beside me, I thought he's gonna mingle. I can hear a lot of chatter and laughter inside the bus. Hmm, it looks like it’s going to be a one friendly assembly. :)

In that less than 5 minutes ride from the hotel to the plant, I’ve seen a river, an LG plant and a temple. The latter is definitely a must-visit. We stopped infront of a building inside the Gumi plant. I swear this is soooo my workplace before, sooo Gateway of Cavite, so Industrial Park. Except that, the whole industrial park is only Samsung. That huge, I kid you not!

When I went down, I noticed that the rest of the delegates hesitated to go inside the building so we stayed outside for some time chilling. Lawrence proceeded to introduce himself to the two ladies who seem to know each other already. No hard feelings here but isn’t it a bit OA? I mean, come on, we’re going to know each other later for sure.

I was expecting a conference room. When we reached 3rd floor of the building, I saw a group of teenagers on what must be an open mini library, a set of computers across it, books along the hallway and finally our classroom. It’s like being in a school, wow! :) I preferred the 2nd table from the front among five rows, the third and last column on the right which is near the window and took the right side of the two-seater table where Lawrence remained to be my loyal seatmate. Everybody were removing their coats and hanging it on the backrest of their chairs and I can’t. The thermal I’m wearing extends from my short-sleeved top. Stupid! Why didn’t I go for my long-sleeved turtleneck? Ok, I’m gonna endure this entire day with this coat on! Fine!

We were asked to get our books from the leftmost table infront. The organizer (whose name escaped me) noticed there were books left and then he asked if everybody got theirs. That’s when someone reported that Vietnam is not around. I looked at Lawrence and he just gave me this “I don’t know” face. We’re supposed to go together but I didn’t try (or even had the slightest intention) to contact him.

Oh my god, where is Vietnam?


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