Friday, January 25, 2008

KR Travelogue Day 2c: A Hearty Dinner

Could lunch be any exciting? I asked myself as we head back to our room from the production floor visit. Delegates from the same continent (India included) will dine together and will be guided by someone. I was just wondering why they have to make to group those from the same continent. I mean, practically know Dien and Lawrence already. Why not for a change, try only US and Phils? Hahaha!

From the door emerged a smiling Korean lady, dressed fine with her wool trench coat. Intimidated by the coat, I thought she must be just an admin. =P She then handed us these meal stubs that will be used for our lunch. Oh right, I remember we are in a factory.

Prior entering the cafeteria, we stopped by the door to choose from the available meals in the display. The system is there are 3 meals to choose from and each costs 3,000 KRW. As the guys kept on asking what each meal is, Miss Lunch Guide kept on using her phone for English translation. I just went with what Dien and Lawrence is having and the 2 Indians requested for a special meal to abide by their religious belief.

meals of the day
When we went inside, I was shocked with the mob dining inside mostly the factory workers in pink polo for female and brown for men, and this is already taking turns or shifts for the break. I wonder how many employees Samsung has got. As expected, there was Kimchi in each and every table. I wonder if they don’t get hemorrhoids for eating spicy food.

this is just left side of the cafeteria
I didn’t finish mine. The soup is nice and spicy but not really savory for me. Unlike the self-service back at Intel, the utensils need to be segregated after eating. These employees sure eat fast!

Monday meal
Miss Guide invited us to have a walk outside the building in which we willingly obliged. The weather here is nicer. Still cold but bearable. There’s a football area infront and we decided to walk around it through good conversation. And yes! There are a lot of fashionable women walking around. Uh-oh, can’t take pictures. U700 though 3M is not enough. And if it is, how do I approach the ladies and tell them its for my blog?? They might think I’m a psycho, haha!! And also, the English dude. After inching the four corners of the field, we scurried back to the building.

some view outside

I wasn’t able to ask where we ate dinner. But Lawrence, Dien and I were accompanied as scheduled by our Korean counterparts who were assigned to our countries before: David and Ms. Lee (Phils) and Honey (Vietnam). I don’t know the name of the restaurant either (no translation) but we went straight to the special room with the lowered tables: Japanese/Korean style. There were grilling of course, noodles, kimchi and let us not forget, the drink. Let me introduce to you Korea’s national alcoholic drink: the bloody Soju! Haha!

David scooping the iced kimchi; the leafy whatever; while dining; iced noodles

the restau (does anyone know how to translate it? ;-)

Soju drink; open your mouth wide..haha! (pics not actual ones in Korea)

I tasted this before and as usual I didn’t like it. Good thing, they’re not that pushy in drinking. I’m not anticipating those leafy thing wrapping the grilled beef/pork plus add-on spices but when I tasted my first combination……….YUMMY!!! And surprisingly, the chopsticks! My chopsticks is working in my hands, haha!! Wow! I think I had an overdose of those leaf-beef-spice whatever and for once I didn’t care what I was putting on in my tummy. They’re leaves anyway and it will be very easy to digest.

David fetched a taxi for us back to the hotel as the 3 of them will be heading back to the office for work. Tsk! Toxic! Haha! Inside the taxi, I broached on Lawrence and Dien about visiting the sort of palace near the office but they don't feel like going out tonight. I think they drank too much Soju! Tsk! Around 8:30 PM when we reached back the hotel. In my room, I tried to change outfit and started fitting my quilted coat with only the stockings on. Haha! What do these Koreans take me for?? Of course I studied their fashion. I will go outside just to test if I can take the weather only in those, with or without company. Hmp! When I went out, I saw the China girls chatting outside their room. Well, next to Koreans I like their styles also. I felt small with what I was just wearing so I went back in. Hehe.

And so, I decided to fill my eyes with all these Korean shows on TV hoping to catch some familiar faces. There are a lot of shows available, most of which are funny ones. Sure enough I was able to catch Jenel (Princess Hour) in an eye product TVC as well as Vivian (Lovers in Paris) for a feminine napkin. :) Set the TV to sleep for 30 mins but closed my eyes not long after doing it. Zzzzz.


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