Monday, August 04, 2008

Sing, Dance and Laugh

Straight from Body Jam class in Fitness First, Allen and I met Mike in Krispy Kreme Greenhills for a reunion. =) The last time the three of us met was about seven months ago, same place. We were four that time but of course we can’t expect the other one to be with us anymore. :( We went straight to Won Ton where Allen treated us for dinner. :D Mike you’re so great for subtly implying Allen to treat us. Haha!! :D

‘Twas a cold night and the rain just won’t stop. After hearing Mike’s alarming robbery stories, Allen and I both decided to stay until the morning to ensure our safety. We then headed to Starbucks for some more catching up. Allen showed pics from his laptop and it was just nice seeing those production floor machines again and some old folks back there in CV. Mike on the other hand continues to impress us with his technical skills from his current work. =P


I half-hinted about going to a videoke when I was still planning the get-together but I didn’t know the two will buy it. So we went to the nearest music room around 1 AM for a night of singing. God, I miss videoke!! Allen and I are not so over Mamma Mia yet (my apologies for spelling it with a single m last time ;-) so what better way to start the singing than with our favorite hits from ABBA. Hmm yeah I said something about not being keen on musicals before but I remember the same effect each time I see one: the MUST-HAVE OSTs feeling after watching. Hehe. Same as with Moulin Rouge and Dreamgirls, I was able to download the whole album of Mamma Mia and my oh my, they’re such pick-me-upper songs!! Oh poor Mike, he wasn’t able to see the movie so he wasn’t feeling much the music. But I bet he would love it like we do if he happened to watch it. Who else would start the singing than yours truly?? LOL. I opened up with Mamma Mia. :P I even recorded it. :D

I’m disappointed with my singing. It’s only about three songs and I can feel my voice giving up already. L Well it must be the extreme exhaustion knowing that the night before I played badminton from 7-11 PM (will blog in the future), the work that day, dance class in the night, lotsa talking and laughing…aargh!! The music room has this automatic recording for all songs and I didn’t have to replay the ones I sang to know that none of them are worth burning into a CD. Hmmmp!! Well, there’s always a next time. :)


It’s already 3 AM when we finished and I’m surprised to see blackness in Greenhills. I can’t believe that every establishment is already closed and we’re the only people walking around. I mean this is Greenhills for crying out loud!! As far as I know I’m not in Cavite anymore, in my old job. :P Oh well, wrong place. Makati is still better for night-outs. :P

We traveled to the nearest 24-hr McDo to do what else, but talk. Haha!! The two of them can just only make fun of me for seeing me so jaded they can see the heaviness of my eyes. Hehe.

goofin' at McDo

I reached home around 7 AM and I spent the whole Saturday catching on some precious sleep. :P

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