Friday, August 08, 2008

Blame It On The Broadband Connection :P

Hello!! Is it just me thinking or is it true that some of you are worried that it was already Wednesday and I haven’t come up with anything yet?? Haha!! Rest assured I haven’t forgotten about this blog for me not to write anything and believe me, it’s also one of my worst fear, by eight million miles. :P So for today, I just allowed myself to give you an update on what’s happening and who’s or what’s responsible for MIA-ing on you lately. Definitely it’s not what most of you would think coz as we speak, it’s still

a. ZERO lovelife. Again, not that I am kvetching. It’s zero inspiration as well. Where are all these fine men??? I know, I know. They’re either (a) taken or (b) gay, gay, gay!! :P
b. BADMINTON. I’m not really your athletic person but this one, like dancing, is slowly turning again into one of my addictions – eating up my time and energy as well. Aaargh!!
c. BEIN’ A REAL GOOD FRIEND. As of two weeks ago, as in the day itself I posted about two of my friends joining me in ehem singlehood, another one asked me to welcome her to the club. The veteran herself (ahaha!!) is just simply doing her thing. :P
d. HOARDING. What with the nationwide sale of my favorite shops, you most likely know what to expect. Oh, Mango, mango, mango, must you really prolong this cathartic thing called SALE??? Please end it now. Puh-lease!!!
e. WORK FRUSTRATIONS. It’s actually the company’s anniversary today and unlike last year, I can’t come up with anything inspiring to write about. Although I know it will make another update to this site but I don’t want to come up with anything lackluster, like a potboiler for an author.

Yesterday, we held a press conference for OMNIA. Again, to us, it’s the SGH-I900 - our “finer” version of Apple’s 3G Iphone which was announced coming to the Phils later this August for a not so cheap price of like what was everybody’s expecting. As the name suggests, it’s your OMNIA (everything) a full-packed phone that runs on Windows Mobile 6.1 OS. It has the same form factor as that of Apple’s but definitely a whole lot better. :) (Happy Anniversary SEPCO!!:P – this is the already extent of my special greeting to you. Of course, I’m not such an ingrate!! )

Last night, my description of my dress was like this: yeah-I-know-there’s-an-event-but-I-am-not-that-ready-just-what-a-coincidence-that-I-am-appropriately-dressed-for-today dress (whew!!)coz it wasn’t sure if technical persons will be pulled out for the tutorial. But what happened was, I woke up late with a text message from my boss requesting me to go straight to Manila Pen for technical assistance. So what’s the girl gotta do? ;-) Actually, I kitted myself in the same dress as what was planned yesterday but I donned my stockings simply because it wouldn’t hurt. =P But what was exciting about the whole ensemble is my new accessory. I’d like to call it my piece de resistance. Ahahaha!!! It’s my new bag. Weeee!! :D Take a closer look. Is it Chanel?? Hardly!! :P And don’t even think it’s one of those things you find in Greenhills. :P

More about the phone, the press tutorial and pics next week since you all know who my dependency is: Kuya Manny our official photog. ;-) Happy weekend guys!! ^_^


Anonymous said...

those shoes are killer sexy... how many inch heels are those?
Not a fan of your dress. Maybe because you were wearing stockings, and black shoes, but it makes it look like you're going to a funeral..

btw I've paid for my ticket. got 3 and a half weeks off.. I ditched Pinas for tokyo lol.


Anonymous said...

they're not that high..haha..but i often get questions like "lisensyado ba yan?" (are those licensed??) whenever i wear 'em..hehe

appreciate the comment..^^ i don't know but i didn't like it without the stockings..haha.. :D

so what about tokyo?? u grabbed another bargain again??? hehe