Sunday, August 10, 2008

OMNIA: Let's Spread the World With It

Mr. ____ of ABC 5: So definitely this is Samsung’s killer phone for Apple’s. Would you like to confirm?

Ms. Fe Varilla (Head of Mobile Phones): Yes!

Woohoo!! I love that moment!! ^_^

Why Omnia?? Omnia is actually Latin word that means “all or simply everything”. Furthermore, an Arab word of the same conveys “wish”. In short, Omnia is everything you wish for in a phone.

Of course I knew only of the “all or everything” word since we all heard about the prefix Omni way back when we were still studying. So when the marketing officer quizzed me about it and I answered it correctly the moment I arrived at the Balagtas function room of the Peninsula Manila, she teased me about hosting the third batch of the press conference. She said that the original host went back to the office and what with my dress and the audience for the third batch being all bloggers (meaning I can totally connect with), I can be a good substitute.

I really do hope that I didn’t give them the impression that I was ready for the event. Coz only the technical people knows that I went straight to the venue from home. When I told you I woke up late in my last post, I meant something really really late (like 10 AM ^^). The gym the night before gave me body pains and with minimal load on that day, I decided to consume yet another one of those half-day “sick leaves”. :P And that ladies and gents, is a short narrative of how I usually consume my leaves. No advanced notice, earlier preparations for something out of town, and absolutely no dates with someone special. In short, BORING. I don’t have a life. :P But I digressed. When I saw the text from my boss, I subtly finagled info from some of the marketing persons on what’s the set-up of the press con (coz I’m totally clueless) so I won’t come screaming fashion faux pas. Intuition dictates that I come in a corporate and the safest color however boring is it for some is black. :P I came hurtling through the different function rooms around 2:30 PM because of the bad traffic (read: WORST ever) in Makati. Blessedly, I don’t work in there. But then again someday I might. (Hint, hint. :P)

I would love to do the hosting but I don’t know why I’m being so adamant about it. I had flashbacks in college where I used to do it in my organization. I quickly realized how thick-faced I was back then. Hahaha!! But then again I don’t know how or why I morphed into that timid girl that I am now. (Mental note to self: must analyze the root cause. Hehe). So when I was joking to them about how I usually do hosting, I warned them that I have this tendency of talking in gay lingo something that resembles that of Rufa Mae Quinto’s antics. Haha!! When I was already delivering the lines of “Uy friend!”, “Todo na To!”, “Hellur?” to them (much to their hysteria, haha!!), I think Ms Yam (the marketing officer) suddenly had doubts. Haha!! Must I turn the function room into one comedy bar?? Haha!! Anyways, the real host arrived just in time for the last batch. I sequestered myself on the seats found on the back and helped myself to my favorite Mexican dishes served for the event. Yum, yum!! :D

No fuss, no hoopla. Those words best describe the event. No glitteratis, papparazis or glamour – just something like a business meeting. I feel quite successful that my dressing intuition served me right. ^^ But then again, why would we need those when the phone already screams for itself?? So again, I give it to you esteemed ladies and gents of the jury, the reason why it was called OMNIA.

- HSDPA (7.2 Mbps)/ EDGE/GRPS; Triband (900/1800/1900)
- Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 OS
- 3.2: WQVGA TFT LCD (240 x 400)
- 5 MP CMOS Camera with Flash
- Camera Features: Auto-Focus, Image Stabilizer, Auto Panorama, Wide Dynamic Range, Face Detection, Smile Detection
- Video multiple format support (DivX, Xvid, MP3/MP4/H.263/H.264); Video Recording with Flash; Video Editor
- FM Radio with RDS
- Audio multiple format supported (MP3/AAC/AAC+/WMA/AMR)
- Touch Whiz UI; TV-Out; Bluetooth/USB/WiFi ready
- MS Office Document Viewer and Editor
- Auto-Rotation
- 8G or 16GB flash memory + external memory slot

With absobloodylutely loads of features all packed into that 12.5mm ultra slimness of a phone, my golly what else would you ask for?? The particular features I loved is the 5 MP phone with lots of settings (around 14 I think) and the whopping 8G or 16G of a memory (excluding memory card), this is already a good substitute for your digicams. :P Then again when I look at the features, I reflect on the statement above and found that somehow saying that this is the phone to battle against Iphone is an understatement. That Iphone can’t even be configured until now to send MMS!!! And did I read that it will be sold for an extortionate price of 42K??? The idea is so preposterous!!! :D Sorry for being such a brag about it. :P

Ok, pichu pichu now. ^^

wushu, Sir Rommel serious mode..haha.. ^^
Samsung peeps

witches turned whackies!!! LOL (Ms Fe, de Moi and Raine for CLEAR!! Haha!!)

Oh. My. god. I've never looked that pretty in my entire life. Hahaha!!! The night was still young when we finished and the team spent dinner in again one of those Korean restaurants along Makati where I wasn't able to escape that one bloody glass of that bloody Soju drink with lemon. Aaargh!!


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This is the same as the Instinct phone I was asking you about. Too bad it is only available in the US on Sprint in a CDMA version. I'd get it but Sprint's coverage really sucks! Take a look at this web page: