Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Happy 29th Anniversary (Aug.11) to mi Mama and Papa. Hehe..ÜÜÜ
Last Sunday we had an intimate family dinner at SM Mall of Asia (MOA) - finally!! I've been requesting since time immemorial for the family to dine at somewhere "quite far" from where we use to go after church..hehehe..

The Story Behind The Dress: :P (Vain!! Yeah dude, whatever!! ^^)

Nothing really special. It's just that I bought this dress I think about 2 years ago already and I absolutely love the shade. Whenever I wear this, I feel like I'm Shania Twain in her video of You've Got A Way with my flowers festooned in my head and hair curled like hers. Aaah, she's such a goddess in that video. Right?? I haven't bought myself a maxi dress that's still all the rage this season but I don't think I have to coz it is already somehow a maxi in its own. ^^ Sometimes I can't help but be amazed of how I'm so fashion forward. Haha!!

So since I already saw earlier than Mam and Pap are somehow in pink, hehe. I decided to go for that shade..:P

Here are the church latecomers. Tsk, tsk!!

One thing that amazes me whenever I'm in MOA is that in the seldom times that I come there and in that enormous mall, I always encounter or meet someone that I know. I don't know if its because I'm that old to have met that many people or it's just pure coincidence.

For some reason, my Kuya was insistent on us having a quick tour in his office which is located in the mall. I don't know why but since Mama was quite happy with the idea, I had acquiesced to his invitation. Later I found out what he wanted to show us, it was his monthly recognitions sprawled on his desk. Wow, I'm proud of my Kuya. Hehe. Ü

We had dinner in Burgoo. Oops, not my idea. Hehe.

Oh boy won't you look at those faces. Please don't take it that we're not happy with the dishes. It's just the waitress taking the photo without a warning. :P

Another thing to celebrate that day. My brother's one page feature in a teen magazine. (Not that it's his first. :P)

Hmm, I just felt like I haven't got a reason to be a source of good tidings for that day. Can a person's utter gorgeousness be a cause of a celebration??? Hahaha..I kid. :D

Well even so, I know that my parent's wouldn't love me any less than my two brothers. :P A quick recap of my 24 years of existence revealed that I've been a good daughter to them. And that is based on my standards, haha!! As a proof, I went home that night around 9 where I continued doing my weekly chore of laundrying my clothes which I know helps ease the load not only that of the helper's but my Mam as well.

There was a part two of the celebration and it was held last night. Will post after some time. :)


Anonymous said...

Nice dress. Best one I've seen so far..


Anonymous said...

Haha!! Ur hard to impress couz!! :D

Anyways, thanks! :)


Anonymous said...

damn straight. just bought some Diesel jeans, and some rockin Adidas Track Top.. Now I just have to shop for some pimpn kicks.
My god daughters bday in September 7. I have to make sure I have an outfit lol.

btw what in the blue hell do I buy a 4 year old? lol ..


Anonymous said...

ahahha!! all geared up for ur travel huh?? hehehe..anyways, i don't know..im gonna visit my ex's son tomorrow also and i still dont know what to give him..hahaha!!! :D

as for ur outfit, hmm..try coming in a clown suit the lil girl's gonna be really happy..LOL..


Nivek said...

I guess I'm late getting to the comment party, but like ur dress -- it is definitely my fav of all you've posted so far.

Anonymous said...

thanks kevin!! ^^