Thursday, August 14, 2008

Celebration Part 2

Again, the outfit last Monday. :P (Still not over high-waisted! ;-)

Brian (our Korean RnD engineer) told me that my fashion sense reminds him of Victoria Beckham. Hmm, I didn't know the hadworking guy also knows something about that eh?? Anyways, right now I'm still contemplating if I will take it as a compliment or not. Haha!! But if that meant I'm gonna end up with someone like David Beckham, then why not? LOL.

Like I said, Mam arranged for a dinner and invited some members of the congregation as well as close relatives to celebrate with us on their anniversary. But it wasn't just a Monday ensemble coz I've got appointment after work and it was meeting my college friends. It's been forever since I last saw them - specially Xiela. The last time I saw her, she was very weak lying in her bed in the hospital and so happpeeee to see her back in shape. :D

B102 twin towers..hihi!!

The reason for the get-together is Plokie's return from Singapore. In Singaporean accent: Hey you Plokie ha, you look like a Singaporean o-ready. Haha!! Well, hers was just a short stay. We had dinner at Dad's where I successfully reminded myself not to gluttonize from their eat all you can menu. Wehehe. I had Buko Pandan overload though. Yum!!! Thanks for the treat Plok!! :D

Left:Bong, Ali, Joan and Plok Right: de Moi, Xie Xie and Tin

photo-ops with the free teddies when u avail their bottomless iced tea..hehe

I already gave them a heads-up that I won't stay long because of the part 2 dinner in our house. But it was still late (10 PM) when I left. :P Well, it was kind of hard to leave with all the catching up specially Plokie's funny stories on adapting the Singaporean accent, latest news on our batchmates (the getting married ones, hay) and questions like when I'm going to show up with a guy in one of our arranged dinners. Hay. Our next get-together: Mac's arrival (Xie xie's buttercup) from Singapore. Woohoo!!

I came home hurrying because there's one thing I'm really looking forward: the videoke. Haha!! My uncle lent his home videoke to us and I hope there's no more returning this time. Wahaha!! This is the time my Papa and I usually bond. Because in the family we're like: the last ones standing. Hahaha!!

See?? Well, you gotta give the old man his due right?? Spent long years of working in the ship with only that as the past time. He must've really loved singing. LOL. And see the hand below?? Caught in the act, haha!! I'm not yet done with my song and he's already reaching out for the microphone. Wahaha!! Now you know where the passion for singing came from huh?? But definitely the singers came from mi Mama's side. Hehe. Sorry Paps. :P

I was nursing a wish that my uncle would leave the thing to us after a considerable amount of time. When I say considerable, hmmm I meant forever. Haha!! It's been 4 days now and I'm just so happy I've been leaving really early in the office. Haha!!

A frustrated singer, I guess you could say so. :p Ah! Too much talking for now. I might've given you the impression that I'm really good when it comes to singing when in fact it's the opposite. Haha!! You can check this and be the judge. :P

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