Monday, August 18, 2008

Lunch at Cuillere

Thank you Holiday!! Mike, Lisa and I were able to get together again. Lisa and I already consumed our last GCs (^^) at Cuillere in Serendra. I tested my camera before leaving. (Hahaha!!)

Like I told you before in my blogger's tour review, we'll be back here for their yummy carabao milkshakes!! Aaaah, so good!!! :D I swear, you must try them. :D

I don't know what to call the three of us coz ADDA (apat dapat dapat apat :P) is of course not complete without Xtian. Anyways we called him and hopefully he'll be able to join soon.

One thing the bibbo kids (aha, we're the bibbo kids) learned today is that Cuillere is actually the French word for Spoon.

But to our ever-curious minds, we wonder why there are no spoons in our table. ^^ Is that really the French way of dining?? Just askin'. :P

Anyways, here's another pic in the escalator. Hehehe.

Monday next week is again, another holiday. Hopefully we'll come up with some grander plans. :P Aah, I now love the month of August. Haha. But definitely not more than my birthmonth September. ^^

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