Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Gurly Wednesday ++

What's up typhoon Karen?? Sorry but I'm not acknowledging your presence by wearing something typhoon-appropriate. Haha!!

When I've already decided for a dress on a certain day, no heavy rain nor flood can stop me. :P And we're talking 'bout public transportation here. :P

DVD Marathon on Tuesday night: If you really know me, you'll understand the lag for seeing these great flicks. Sorry but I have all the rights in the world. :P

Pardon the late reaction but after the lunch and the "other agenda" last Monday, I decided to rent some DVDs. Here's what I found:

Hehehe. Don't you just love Theodore??? Hihi. He's so adorable. :D

And here's another one,

Why that?? Well, it has something to do with the abovementioned "other agenda". Sometimes, I just really think I was born a masochist. Haha. If you wanna know more, cross your fingers that I'll have time to blog about it on Friday. Meantime, all I can say is - buckets of tears. Buckets of tears. :P

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