Saturday, August 23, 2008


è Created Thursday afternoon when I learned that the personal trainer I’m crushing on in the gym is already married and just had his baby!! He’s got these perfect cuts, the perfect arms in the world for me. Yay!! Haha!! I just learned the “cuts” term btw when I first played badminton with him. Well that’s really one pertinent info since I only think of chicken drumstick whenever I see his arms coz I swear it’s so yummy!! Ahaha!! It was just disappointing hearing about his status especially when someone informed me that he’s always looking for me in the gym ever since that night we first played. Hmph!!

è Was not relieved by late night singing in the videoke.
è Pinned me straight to the bed after singing forgetting about my night regimen.
è Has got me late in the work for Friday
è Continued until the end of the work day.
è Exacerbated by Brian’s questioning on his English lessons.

He’s been staying in the country for about 5 months now and I admire him for appreciating the Filipino culture. :) I asked him earlier if he’s willing to work here for good and he said yes. :D Another thing worth mentioning is that he spent some dough in order to speak English better. It’s not because of my passion for the said language but I do give value to those people who are continuously developing themselves. Actually I’ve been keeping tabs on his English lessons ever since he hired a personal tutor and recommended to change when I found out that the so-called tutor was not really good at all. Of course me being a wanna-be teacher someday would love to take her stead but it’s a company violation – moonlighting. :P What can I say?? The guy has already improved when it comes to communicating except for sometimes that he insists on calling me Kay-Shi. Hehe. Well it sounds pleasing to my ears though, I’ll let it slide. :P

And the sentence found in his book that had me explaining to him for some solid 15 minutes, “The doctor won’t rule out broken bone until he has seen the x-ray result.” Blessedly, after further giving synonyms of the verb (won’t rule out), creating a storyline behind the sentence and further illustrations on the whiteboard, I was able to come up with something work related for him to understand it better. “The RnD developers won’t rule out network problem until they have seen the debug texts.” Phew!! Well it was a symbiotic session coz I also learned about keeping things simple when it comes to teaching. :P Of course I would love to do the whole explaining, specially because I find him cute. Haha!! :P

Fred was there to capture the moments: :P

Anyways, more on the migraine,

è Persevered the entire time I was dancing.
è Relieved only when I went home and took medicine. In short,

Was solely responsible for not coming up with anything yesterday. Hehe. Sorry guys, will be your better blogger next time. ^^


Anonymous said...

I'm gonna help you out with my limited Korean vocabulary. hehe

Just tell him Sarang Heyo and hopefully your drought will be over.


Anonymous said...

hey!! don't u think i studied all of that?? i learned a lot of koreans phrases already because of him..haha!! the studying never occurred to me when i started working for a korean company, only when he came around..ahahaha!!!