Monday, August 25, 2008

Cinderella-Ella-Ella-Eh.. :P

Ever since I saw Leah Salonga's The Journey concert in Channel 2, I've always desired to hear her live. So when Allen's invitation came to watch the Cinderella musicale after watching Mamma Mia, I couldn't say yes fast enough. Haha!!

Who ever said pictures aren't allowed in a musical?? Haha. From the furthermost seat in the CCP hall, I was able to "discreetly" take pictures of my favorite moments - the clearer of which were posted here. Haha!!

The grand entrance in the ball :P

The shoes moment:

The introduction of characters:

Ending song:

The pretty ladies: :P - who are btw in search of their princes as well. Hahaha!!

And our take away song: It's possible!! Right gurls?? Hihihi. ;-)


Anonymous said...

I saw Leah perform in Les Mis last year.. Great performer.

tst tst.. Taking photos while they're performing. hehe


Anonymous said...

yeah..she's great!!! real filipino's pride..:)

what?? it's not like i killed somebody..haha.. :P


Nivek said...

I read where this girl took a photo during a play and the light on the camera caused one of the actresses on stage to stumble backwards until she was caught in the curtain. She broke free with the curtain in tow, knocked over the sets, and smashed three of the other actors and actresses. All because some bozo wanted to take pictures....

Haha, I bet I had you believing this for awhile. OK, I probably didn't but would you believe...

Anyways take care!

Anonymous said...

hi kevin!! no, i didn't use any flash..of course i dont want to grab people's attention. :)

anyways, nice to hear from you, as always.. ;-)