Tuesday, August 26, 2008

HhuuuwaaaaLLLLEeeeee :P

Say it just like how he enunciates his name, Huuuwaaaaallleeeee.. Hahaha!! And for her lady robot, Eeeeeeeeeeeee-vvuuhhh. Hahaha!! I had so much fun watching this. :D Who would’ve thought that robots can be romantic too? ;-) Guys, won’t you take a look at Wall-E’s example?!?! Haha!! Lisa forewarned me that this is a tearjerker and I was anticipating that sappy scene to guard myself knowing full well how these tear dams of mine easily break. Yeah it was that ending part when Eve replaced already all of his spare parts and I quite expected what will happen so I surreptitiously raised a finger towards my right eye to prevent that drop of salty liquid from sneaking when all of a sudden I heard a kid blurt out, “Awwwwwwww, poor Waaalllleeee!!!”, interrupting my internalization. Haha! I smiled and turned around to look for that ADHD kid. Hahaha, just kidding!! Don’t you just love being with cute kiddos in the cinema?? :P But then again, Wall-E returned to himself, recognized Eve and they lived happily ever after. Hehehe. :D

I watched the movie with yet another beauty among my gaggle of gorgeous girlfriends, Michelle. ;-)

Woohoo!! I felt quite successful that I've been going out a lot lately - not to mention with different companies. :) But I have an agenda yesterday that's why I invited this girl.

She's the same one I told you whose Mom wants to uhmm, follow my footsteps. Yay!! Ahaha!! So I feel like ya know, be a good role model. But then I heard something from my brother that really concerned me.

The thing is, everytime we meet after Sunday worship, I update her on what's what with my life. I know what girls of her age are interested in: cute boys, fashion and that's normal. But sometimes I think I spilled too much especially on the uhmmm partying part so I was alarmed when my brother told me that she's already been to Emba!!

I was like "My goodness, she's just in her junior years in her college!! Who will the mother blame as the B.I.??" So I want to hear it from her since a review of most of the chats we have during Sundays revealed that I did the talking the most. :P And no I'm not the big sister reprimanding type, just your conniving funny girlfriend although I'm about 6 years her senior. :P

After a tour and introduction of some of the people around in the office, I updated her on the "lovelife dillemma" of some of the people (specifically my girlfriends) whom she just met. Yes, I intended to focus on the negative side since I want her to reach the conclusion that yes, it's better to stay single for now. At a very tender age of 18, she still has a lot going on for her. She can focus first on her studies and I know boys will just be around especially if she possesses that kind of beautiful face. ^^ Geese, why do I sound like a conservative mother here?? Haha!!

1.5 hour and a venti frappe later, with my voice now hoarsened due to the cold drink, continuous blabber and boisterous laughter, I noticed that she still hasn't opened it up to me. But I didn't want to force her. We went straight to the cinema as she talks about this shampoo that she has proven effective against hairfall. Uhmm, which is obviously my current dillemma. Boohoo. :,-(

After the movie when we're hailing a cab on our way home, we were talking about some cute boys and she briefly mentioned how she ONCE (whew!! thank goodness!!) went to Emba with her classmates. It was the end of their mid-term exams (again, thanksbetoheaven!!) and that it was with the consent of her mother (????). That was the only time that I was relieved. I just told her that I'm not a frequenter anymore (well, I really am not in the first place :P) and just asked her to be safe always.

Though I didn't experience it when I was in college, I think it's fine (but not really okay with me) to go through it once or twice while you're studying. But I trust her, I know she's a smart girl and a guided one. She'll make good decisions. I heard her utter how she's already keen on working - hmm, the same me years ago but is now wishing on going back to books than work. Hahaha!! So yeah I think the lesson here is for my motor mouth to be careful the next time(haha!!) specially on dealing with younger audiences. But right now I'm still worried if her mother thinks I'm the one who broached about Emba to her?!?! Yes or No?? Tsk tsk tsk!!


Anonymous said...

She's only 18? damn....

lol mentor.. I like that. I'll call you Master Yoda from now on.

You're worried about her cause she's been in Embassy? lolmomlol..


Anonymous said...

yup!! only 18..haha!!!

master yoda??? whats up with that..haha!!

yes im worried..that place isn't safe..there have been reported crimes there due to you know, drunk rich kids involved in a brawl..didn't u know there was already an enforcement from the government that all the clubs along The fort must close at 2:30 AM..so yeah,we were like duh? 2:30?!?! but its because of those..sad..sad..so not safe really that's why I was worried..


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