Saturday, August 30, 2008


Wednesday night was my first overnight here in the office for work. :P Howsaboutthatgreenhills?? Blame it on, hmmm..Brian. Haha!! I kid. There was actually some glitch on the submission date of a report and I had to rush back to the office after gym to finish it. :P Tsk!! Toxic!! Haha! Anyways, Thursday morning I returned home looking like a zombie to the greetings of my very malnourished pet (haha!!) Choi Choi. Nothing special, I just felt like he's been MIA-ing on this blog of mine and he kind of deserves some special attention because of the love he showers me. Like they say, who needs a bf when you've got a loving dog?? Hehe. Fyi PETA, he's being fed well thank you very much. Paps just cut out his hair. :P Panget, hehe. He looks like a rodent. Haha!!

Bad hair day?? Hehehe
Thursday afternoon, since of course I had to sleep in the morning, I returned to work because it's Aaron Back's last day (from Gumi SW engineering group). I think he stayed here for about a month and I just can see that sad look in his eyes. :( I know working here with the technical people gave him that different perspective that working for Samsung can also be fun specially if he's the one who always reminds us to hush hush whenever our laughter gets out of control. :D Here's a pic with him and Joy. :)
After that Joy and I geared up for another one of those badminton dates of ours. Hehe. We met up with Greenhills FF friends Geof and Cathy and decided to have dinner first in JT's Inasal. It's my first time to hear of that place but according to the rest of them it's quite famous not only because it is owned by a local actor but because of the food as well. It's my and Cathy's first time here. :) The latter was so much giddy coz the open area reminded her so much of Bora. ;)

Joy was at first hesitant on dining here because of the uhmm, memories with her ex. :P YEZ!!! She's definitely absolutely and finally SINGLE!! Haha!! Hey, I'm not starting a religion here that all girls must be single like me. I half-mentioned about her dillema sometime ago here and I couldn't be more supportive for her decision. :P

All the chow down was of course burned by playing badminton after. Hihi. It's still bad the trainer with perfect cuts wasn't there. No inspiration. Haha!! Note: pics in the court aren't flattering enough and the author reserved the right not to post them here. Wahahahaha!!!! :D


Anonymous said...

holy shiznit, that's one big rat you're carrying. :D


Anonymous said...

ahahhaa!!! Willllllllll!!! Don't be like that.. :P