Monday, September 01, 2008

Executively Yours + Monday Dinner

Meeting with the president??? Business client presentation??? Nah. This is probably my last hurrah for what they say color of the year. Does the shade still look "in" to you??

Too bad I still love this trench coat. :( Oh well.

Dinner with Lem and Chek. They dropped by the office since I miss seeing this ZEXY gurl!! Can you imagine how coincidental that in just a day two people were asking me about her - one has just returned from Singapore and the other one is an ex-officemate. Gosh, she's so popular!! Hehe. :P

At times it's so cathartic being single. You know it's relieving that you have all the time in the world to spend some time with your brother and his girlfriend (or simply be the third wheel if you look at it the other way, hehe). But then again it's quite a torture being with two lovers who are so disgustingly in love. Haha!! Here we are at Tempura Greenhills:

Looks like I really have to get rid of that coat. It's being omnipresent in every get together here in this blog. Hehe. :P

Aaah, young love :D

Here's with the girl who I can never measure up with in terms of BODY!! Haha!!

EOP (End of Post)..Hehe..


Anonymous said...

Six degrees of Separation.
Wait.. hold up.. I'll get back to my original topic in a second.. Why are you wearing a coat on 30 degrees weather? hehe. :D

btw now on to my original topic.. A pinoy photography forum I visit sometimes had a photo of this girl who looks like your bro's gf..

Tell me If I'm right..

Two more weeks and we'll be in the same time zone :P


Anonymous said...

Haha!! Didn't you know?? Weather is so unpredictable here..One moment the sun is scorching and a few hours later, it will rain so hard..haha!!

yes..that's's the same question im being's the car show..The girl got 10% of the price if she sells one..Damn!!! I should've taken care of my body when I was young.. Ahahaha!!! :D

Woohoo!! I'm excited for's the apparel?? Hahaha!!!


Anonymous said...

political unrest in thailand.. my flight might get cancelled lol. I'll go to Pinas if thailand flight is blocked. I'm so pissed!

I had to stop buying new clothes. Washroom reno is costing me more than I anticipated.