Thursday, September 04, 2008

Anticipating the 2nd Week of September :)

Ba de ya, say do you remember. Ba de ya, dancing in September. Ba de ya, never was a cloudy day!!! Hahaha!! Woohoo!!! A lot of stuffs going on for this month. :D I wish I can just pull the days so I don't have to wait anymore. :P Here's my calendar for next week, just the teensy weensy details of what's gonna happen. The said week's going to kick off with my 25th year on this Earth on Monday. Aaaaaaacccckkk!!! It's not really worth anticipating for??? Right?? Haha!!

Sept. 8 - Ü 25. Uhmm, online greetings/gifts or whatever are accepted. Ahahaha!!! J/K. ^^

Sept 9 - =( This is going to be a sad day.

Sept 10 - Life-changing moment. Am I finally having a boyfriend??? Am I going to change career??? Hmmm, I'll keep you intrigued. Haha!!

Sept 11 - Samsung event. I'll keep my mouth zipped on what model will this be. But the affair is exciting coz it's something ala Amazing Race. Woohoo!! And, get this!! The technical group has a special participation. The set-up was finalized this morning and if everything pans out according to the plan, then I'm going to be teamed-up with my celebrity Dad. WHO????? Oh why it's none other than my showbiz Dad Gabby Concepcion. Ahahaha!!! It's a father-daughter collaboration basically. Wahaha!!! Sssshhh!!! I spilled too much. :P

I'm quite torn on the night of this day coz the gala affair coincides with the Cosmo Bachelor Bash where my brother Lem will be featured as one of the eligible bachelors. Hmmm...I wonder why Cosmo isn't consistent. I mean, Lem was already featured last year in their magazine and he was not included in the party, only now.. Hmm.. Anyways, I'm anticipating the shirtless hot men..hotta hotta!! Hahaha!!!

Sept 12 - Go down South straight from work for some island hopping until the weekend. Aaahhh!!! Swimming...swimming!!! Woot!!!

There!! That explains why I was busy the last days although I know I've lots of stuffs to write about (i.e. March trip I promise I'll work on that soon. Anong petsa na??? Hehe. ). Anyways, for sure there will be lots of stuff also to read next week so make sure you stick around. Hehe. Aaah, I really love my birth month. ÜÜÜ Ba de, Ba de, Ba de, Ba de, Ba de...(play till it fades). Hehehe. :P

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